On This Beautiful Island Children's Book and Bohío Ornament

¿Quieres leer esto en Español? Simplemente baja la página hasta el final. :)

A great way to teach little one about his culture and ancestors is through children's books. I recently purchased this awesome book: On This Beautiful Island by Edwin Fontánez. 

The story is about Guanín a Taíno boy who lives On This Beautiful Island called Borikén. (The Taínos were the first inhabitants of Puerto Rico). Guanín narrates the beauties of the island as he explores it with his pet Tahite the parrot. He listens to the ocean, and goes off to the rain forest where he finds the coquí.

While reading the book little one and I talked about what he saw in the beautiful illustrations of the book: the bohíos, the rainforest, and the coquí.  As we continued to read we made the story interactive, and fun by using shells to listen to the ocean; and we listened to the coquí (thankfully I found an app with the song of the coquí that I downloaded on my cell phone).  I also let little one play with a small coquí (souvenir) that we have. After we finished I gave him a coloring page of Guanín with his parrot Tahite for him to color that I found here. Since it's Christmas season, we decided to make the bohío ornaments for our tree.  

To make the bohío ornaments we used empty rolls of toilet paper*. I cut the rolls in half, and from another empty roll of paper towel I cut out the roof. Then I used raffia to hang it and hot glue to put the roof of the bohío. White glue and glitter for little one to decorate. (*Per the instructions it requires corrugated paper, but I didn't have any, so I used empty rolls of toilet paper). 

Little one wanted to make the bohíos (huts) sparkly since the last ornaments that we made we used glitter (see the top right star). So I let my baby decorate the huts with glitter.

This is by far the best children's book that I have purchased about Puerto Rico, and my son really enjoys it! He had fun coloring, and decorating the bohíos.

What fun cultural book have you read with your child lately? I would love to know! Please share, like or comment! Thank you!


Una manera chévere de que mi pequeño chico aprenda más de su cultura y ancestros es a través de libros para niños.  Recientemente compré el libro titulado en Inglés:  On This Beautiful Island  (En esta Hermosa Isla)  por Edwin Fontánez.   El libro también está disponible en Español.  

El libro cuenta la historia de Guanín un niño Taíno quien vive En Esta Hermosa Isla llamada Borikén.  (Los Taínos eran los primeros habitantes de Puerto Rico). Guanín narra las bellezas de la isla mientras el la explora con su mascota la cotorra Tahite.  El escucha el océano, y luego va al bosque tropical donde encuentra al coquí.  

Mientras leo el libro con mi chico hablamos sobre las bellas ilustraciones que vemos: los bohíos, el bosque tropical, y el coquí. Para hacer el cuento más interactivo y divertido utilizamos caracoles para escuchar el océano, y escuchamos a un coquí cantar (gracias a que pude bajar a mi celular una aplicación de la canción). También dejé que mi chico jugara con un pequeño coquí (recordatorio o en mi spanglish un "suvenir" jajaja).  

Después que terminamos, mi chico coloreó una página con el dibujo de Guanín y su cotorra Tahite que encontramos aquí. Como estamos en época de Navidad decidimos hacer unos ornamentos de bohíos para nuestro arbolito.   

Para hacer los bohíos utilice rollos vacíos de papel sanitario*, los corte a la mitad. De otro rollo vacío de papel toalla corte los techos de los bohíos. Luego utilice rafia para colgarlos y con pega caliente pegue el techo y la rafia. Brillo y pega blanca para decorar. (*Las instrucciones requiere que utilice papel corrugado, pero como no tenia use los rollos de papel sanitario). 

El nene quería decorar los bohíos con brillo como hicimos con los ornamentos anteriores que hicimos (ver la estrella en la foto superior derecha). Así que dejé que decorara a su gusto con el brillo. 

Este ha sido el mejor libro de niños que he comprado sobre Puerto Rico y los Taínos, y mi hijo realmente lo disfruta. 

Christmas Tree Ornaments {Lazy Sunday Arts & Crafts}

A few years ago I received as a gift a book "The Frugal Gourmet Celebrates Christmas" by Jeff Smith. I've  tried out some really great recipes from here, and came across the recipe to make cookie ornaments for our Christmas tree!  What an awesome recipe to make ornaments, perfect for little one to help with.

The recipe is simple enough however, I didn't have the 4 cups of flour so I cut the recipe in half. Of course, I wanted to make "colored" flour...and guess what? My recipe flopped! I used red food coloring, and it was a big glop of a mess!!! Augh!! What to do, especially since little one was having his best friend over? So the next best thing? Play-doh!!! (Note to self: Next time I make it I will follow this recipe to a tee).
I had Play-doh, cookie cutters, popsicle sticks to make stars with glitter (I saw that on the packaging), glitter, ribbon, googly eyes*, glue, and permanent markers (to date the ornaments). 
So the kids were ready to start on the Christmas ornaments. 

Glitter was everywhere, and when I say everywhere it was everywhere! LOL

I let them pour glitter on the Play-doh, and then use the cookie cutters to make the ornaments. I used a straw to make a hole.

They really enjoyed themselves playing with the Play-doh, sprinkling glitter and using the cookie cutters.
As they were busy making their creations, I had the hot glue on and glued some popsicle sticks to make stars.
I hot glued them and spread Elmer's glue on it for them to sprinkle more glitter on them.

At last the finished creations for our Christmas Tree Ornaments. Little one will put these on our Christmas tree, and his friend will take hers home, too. I have left them out to air dry, and once dry I will tie a ribbon through the holes.

These are the stars they decorated with glitter, and the round "thing" you see on the bottom left corner per my son is an alien from outer space! :)   Next week we will be working on making some more ornaments for our tree. Do you like to decorate your tree with home-made items? This will be our first year, decorating with our son's creations.

Please share, comment or like! Would love to hear what you have planned for decorating your Christmas tree.

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*I got the idea to use googly eyes on Play-doh from a picture that a mom blogger posted on her Facebook page, unfortunately I don't remember who it was if you know who it is, please let me know so I can give credit to her for the fabulous idea!

Wordless Wednesday: "Daddy and Son Quality Time"

This picture is worth a thousand words! Priceless! 

Celebrating Heritage as a Family defines heritage as "something that comes or belongs to one by reason of birth; an inherited lot or portion: a heritage of poverty and suffering; a national heritage of honor, pride, and courage."

During a recent family event we were catching up with my husband's side of the family. There was so much to talk about! Conversations were flowing about our families, jobs, the high cost of living, and of course politics.  Obviously, this being an election year, my husband's cousin shares with us that during the last election, his daughter came home one day, and blurts out, "I don't know what the big deal is with Obama winning the presidency!" This coming from his 17 yr. old daughter who is Black. Of course he was in shock!  Heck, I was in shock when I heard what he just said! Had she not realized that he was the 1st Black man to become president, and that this was a historic event! Is this what happens when you raise your child oblivious to his/her heritage?

However, in order to better understand her statement, we need to look into her own background, and where she was raised.  Her parents are Black from the South, who moved to Chicago when she was a young child. They live in the upper scale suburbs, and she went to a predominantly all White school.  So the question here is, should had she been raised in a predominantly Black community would her outcome on Barack Obama winning the presidency had been different? How about her parent's involvement in teaching her about her own heritage?

I don't want to pass judgement on how she was raised, however as the mother of a multiracial child, I'm constantly  reading, researching and looking for ways to teach my son where he comes from.  I can only speak by experience of what I'm doing and passing along to my son about his own unique heritage. I have expressed before how adamant I am about embracing your heritage, and culture. Living in the South has proven to be a challenge to instill in my son pride and a sense of belonging of his Latino heritage since it's not as "present" as his Black one. He's living day to day this Black Southern heritage, the food, the culture, and his primary language English.   So how do I teach him about his own heritage? At 4 yrs. old I can only speak to him in simple terms so he can understand, and we do things together as a family to celebrate his heritage: 

  • I've started by creating a heritage board for our son. This board helps him understand visually where he comes from.
  • As the sole Spanish speaking parent at home, I strive to talk to him in Spanish. Though, I do confess it's a daily struggle, and I've faced many challenges that I shared before in a previous post.  
  • Being the multicultural familia that we are, we celebrate El Día de Los Tres Reyes Magos. We have a super long holiday in our home.  Kicking off with Thanksgiving during November all the way through January 6 when we celebrate Three Kings Day!     
Getting ready for Los Tres Reyes Magos
  • Fostering his relationship with his extended family, and creating new memories has been easy since we travel to Puerto Rico every other year, and the year that we don't travel we always have his Abuela or his Titi Gladys with the familia come over to visit.  He knows who is his extended family, including the ones that do not live in Puerto Rico. Our relatives living in the states have come to visit us, or we have gone to visit them.  His extended family is very much "present" in his life, through out the year they send him letters, and/or packages to keep in touch with him.  (We have used video chat, but not as often as we should). 
Playing the tambourine with his Great grandma in Puerto Rico
  • Although, a little hard (because of the difficulty of finding the ingredients locally) is introducing little one to Latin cooking.  He loves soul food, but is having a hard time assimilating his palate to Latin cuisine. It's a treat when we receive from Puerto Rico: guineos verdes (green bananas), papaya (tropical fruit), gandules (pigeon peas) and/or ajies dulces (sweet peppers) so we can whip up a Latin dish.  I often make a delish flan which is now our "go" to dessert for parties, and gatherings. 
Ajíes dulces from Puerto Rico delivered home via US Mail. 
Guineos verdes from Puerto Rico delivered home via US Mail. 

Yummy delish flan. 
Lechosa (Papaya) Tropical fruit from Puerto Rico delivered home via US Mail. 
  • Reading to him bilingual or Spanish books is a fun way to learn about his heritage. Little one loves the book about the Coquíes, On this Beautiful Island, Atariba & Niguayona: A Story from the Taino People of Puerto Rico, Mi isla y yo/My Island and I: La naturaleza de Puerto Rico/The Nature of Puerto Rico, and most importantly books celebrating diversity, and multiculturalism. 

    One of little one's favorite books. 

His heritage is his identity, and I pray that teaching our little one of where he comes from will help him embrace his individuality.   Creating a sense of pride, of belonging, and knowing where he comes from will promote his character growth, and enable him to defend himself against prejudice and racism. Where he lives will not solely determine his identity, but so will his parent's contribution on passing on his heritage.  :)

How do you teach your children about their heritage? Would love to know! Please share, like and/or comment. ¡Gracias!

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21 Days of Contagious Gratitude: Our Son & Collective Gratitude List

This blog post is the second part of the 21 Days of Contagious Gratitude series from Inspired by Family Magazine. There are two sections:

  1. 21 Days of Contagious Gratitude: What we (hubby and I) are thankful for. 
  2. 21 Days of Contagious Gratitude: A collective gratitude list by date from my Facebook family and friends.

21 Days of Gratitude:  

We are thankful for our son! 

To any one who is a parent they will certainly say that they are thankful for their children. However, as an "older" mom it crossed my mind many times that I may never have children.  That was a scary thought!  I had accomplished everything I had set my mind and heart to, except motherhood.  There was a void, and emptiness that could only be filled with a child.  My heart ached, it was my biggest wish and desire.   I wanted to be a Mommy, but it wasn't meant to be in my time, but in God's time. 

God certainly knows our hearts, and our needs. In a very unexpected turn of events, we found out that we were blessed with our first pregnancy! It was a time of excitement, joy, surprise, and fear. As an "older" mom I was immediately categorized as a high risk pregnancy: gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and birth defect! Then my doctor suggested I get the prenatal amniocentesis (withdrawing a sample of the amniotic fluid) screening to diagnose Down syndrome; all because I was an "older" mom! Both my husband and I agreed not to go through with the amniotic testing. Regardless, of how this child would come into this world, we would love him the same. We prayed, and left everything in God's hands, let it be His will. Nine months went by smoothly, no morning sickness, crazy cravings, preeclampsia, or anything else. We were so thankful!

Then on a beautiful, summer day in July our son was born via natural child birth. No epidural (I need to brag about that! {big smile!}) no pain medicine whatsoever.  Just me pushing my child into this world the good old fashion way, and no complications! When he was in my arms I counted all of his 10 fingers and toes, he was perfect! Then in a beautiful harmonious way he latched on and I nursed him.  I was in awe and amazement that this adorable baby boy came from my body. God works in mysterious ways, and He has a plan for each one of us. He has blessed us with our greatest gift ever: A healthy baby boy!

Today that little baby boy is a happy and well rounded 4 yr. old (I breastfed him until he was 25 months old), and he has become the light of our eyes. During this month little one and I had our Lazy Sunday Craft. We made turkeys, and we talked about gratitude, and I asked him the question: What are you thankful for? His response, "I'm thankful for my Daddy, for my Mommy, and for our house!"

We are eternally grateful  and so blessed to have him in our lives.  He's our gift of love, our gift from God, and for that we give thanks to God!  

21 Days of Gratitude:  

Collective gratitude from family and friends on Facebook. 

During 21 days during the month of November there will be a wave of gratitude going on in many homes, and expressed on-line through social medias, and blog posts.  The kick-off  started on November 1, and everyday I have been typing in my status update what I was grateful for that day.  I would also ask my Facebook friends, and family what were they grateful for? The response was so overwhelming that I had to share on this special blog post of gratitude.  They are listed both in English and Spanish. :) Enjoy! 


Frances: I'm grateful to have power (electricity), and running water. :)  Agradecida de que tengo luz y agua.
Rose: Me too.  Just watching some of the news makes me feel that I am truly blessed.
Leanna:  Getting to do fun things with my little guy, like trick-or-treating! And very grateful for good friends to do it with.
Tasha:  I am grateful for a full refrigerator and freezer- that seems to never be empty!
Vicki:  I am thankful for all the great friends I have in my life. And that my family is in good health. ♥
Lourdes:  Thankful for being able to see another day.
Aracelis:  ♥ I am grateful for having free quality education for my children, freedom of speech, diversity in religion, for the Faith my kids have cultivated in God. I am grateful for having healthy kids, a place that we can call home and food everyday at our table. Thank You God!


Frances:  I'm thankful to be able to wake up to this beautiful morning, with my beautiful family. :) Agradecida de levantarme esta hermosa mañana junto a mi hermosa familia!
Alleyah:  Thankful to God for just being God!
Lourdes: I'm thankful being able to see God beautiful creation
Tasha: I am thankful for my job. I am thankful that this is one of my resources but God is my source!
Magaly: Gracias Dios por otro nuevo amanecer, por mi famila por todo.
Elizabeth: This OT is weighing on me... But oh so thankful... Only God knows xoxoxoxo EASY DAY!!!
Maria:  I'm thankful for my family, for so many blessings, thank you Lord.
Alleyah:  I'm thankful to God for always looking out for me and my family! Without him I am NOTHING!!!
Elizabeth:  Today (and everyday) I am immensely thankful for the people in my life that really know me and love me anyway. That know I am flawed beyond belief and still see the value in me. Thank you.
Vicki: Today I am thankful for the Lord watching over my son today as he drove to school today by himself and did a great job. He made it home safe and sound! :)


Frances:  I'm thankful to God for blessing me and my family; we are not rich, but we are able to help others.
Estoy agradecida a Dios por bendecirme a mi y a mi familia; no somos rico, pero podemos ayudar a otros. :)
Lourdes: I am thankful for my family & friends.
Elsie:  Gracias a Dios por mi familia y por su proteccion divina!
Daniel:  Le doy gracias a nuestro Dios por permitirme un dia mas de vida para disfrutar con mi familia♥
Alleyah: Grateful to God for health, strength and the ability to do all that God needs me to do!
Anne: Thank God for everything we have!!!
Dalimar:  Salud! Mis hijos y familia!
Gladys: I'm happy for waking up another morning with health and acknowledging the lovely family I have.
Vicki:  Today I am thankful for making it to see another weekend. If the Lord is willing I will see many more weekend in the future. ♥
Randi: I'm thankful for a home to call our own. Even if I sometimes curse this 100+ year old house! :)
Rosemary:  I'm thankful for my beautiful mother. She's so wonderful & an absolute spectacular grandmother to all 5 of our kids. Happy birthday!!


Frances:  I'm thankful for the small little things that make me laugh (my son). Agradecida de las pequeñas cosas que me hacen reír (mi hijo). 
Daniel:  Agradecido primeramente d la vida q Dios me dio y d mi familia gracias SEÑOR por todo♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Alleyah:   I'm thankful for to God for his Grace & Mercy!!! Thankful that times I didn't want to do right he still kept me under the arch of safety!!! There's nothing and no one like him!!! Glory!!
Aracelis: Today I am thankful for the simple things we take for granted and we shouldn't.
Thank you LORD because today we tasted a great breakfast even if it is bread with butter, we still eat while kids around the world suffer hunger, we heard the choir sing, while thousands of kids have to listen to gunshot all day long or die in war. Thank you Lord because we can touch each other and we call it hugs,
while kids in Syria, Lebanon, Jordania among other places, are homeless. We can smell our kids unique "smell "because they came back from soccer practice and they stink, while kids around the world are exploited working as slaves without even taking a shower in months....and for been here together watching a rented movie 'cause we ain't got that much money to go to the movie theater' but we manage to keep it together. Thank you Jesus for all the simple things in live ♥.
Vicki:  I am thankful for having a job and a wonderful one at that. One that I don't dread to get up in the morning for! ♥
Randi: I'm thankful for my loving friends and family!
Rosemary:  I'm thankful for my first born, Savana. You're such a blessing. Happy birthday!


Frances:  Thank you God for every sunrise and sunset. Thank you for your infinite compassion, and love. Thank you for my loving husband, my sweet son and my wonderful family and friends. My lips praise your name! Amen!
Gracias Dios mío por cada amancer y atardecer. Gracias por tu infinita compasión, y amor. Gracias por mi amado esposo, mi dulce hijo, y mi maravillosa familia y amistades. Mis labios alaban tu nombre! Amen! 
Randi: I'm thankful to have a long term, full-time job that I enjoy most of the time.
Aracelis:  Dar gracias ... ¡Gracias Jehová por los hijos agradecidos! Ayer al cocinar coloqué todo en la mesa y ya listos para comer el chiquito Alejandro dice "Junten las manitas... me toca hacer la oración hoy y rezo el Padre Nuestro, luego le pide a Dios que toda su familia (incluso los nombra) estén bien y que tengan comida igual que El, y que todos los niños del mundo se puedan comer algo calientito ;( ♥ Gracias Dios porque las luchas los domingos por levantarlos para ir a la iglesia o un sábado llevarlos aunque se duerman rinde frutos.
Alleyah: I'm so very thankful to the family that blessed our Ministry!!! I thank God for his mighty hands on us!!! Can't go nowhere but up!!!!
Daniel: Una rica comidita despues de un maravilloso mensaje de nuestro Señor♥♥ en Pacto eterno de Dios gracias Dios por nuestros alimentos y suple al q no tiene y bendicelos Jesús
Rosemary:  I'm thankful for friends. You all know who you are!
Vicki:  Today I am thankful for having such a great family. Even though we have our disagreements sometimes we always seem to work them out. My family is the best. ♥


Frances: Today I'm thankful that I can freely exercise my right to VOTE! Not too long ago, women were incarcerated, beaten, sent to asylums, left in the freezing weather because they were fighting for their right to vote. Men and women Go VOTE!  Hoy estoy agradecida de que puede ejercer mi voto libremente. No hace mucho, las mujeres fueron encarceladas, golpeadas, enviadas a manicomios y las dejaban afuera en el frio por luchar por sus derechos a votar. Hombre y mujeres, ve y VOTA! 
Alleyah:  Today is the day that the Lord has made and we shall rejoice and be glad in it!! Today I'm thankful for God being Master of my life and allowing us the right to vote!!
Randi: Even with its flaws, I'm thankful to live in this democracy, the United States, land of the free and home of the brave.
Vicki:  Today I am thankful that I am in good health not counting the stress that I been in for a while. But that soon will pass and I will be one healthy woman. lol
Rosemary: I'm thankful for Alexandra. She's my little hyper alley cat. She holds a special place in my heart & I'm glad has put her in my life.
Randi:  I'm thankful for modern technology/medicine. 


Frances: Good morning! When I first moved to Orangeburg 6 years ago, I struggled to fit in; and have friends. It was a difficult time for me, as I longed and missed my friends from Puerto Rico. Today I'm thankful for the wonderful friends that I have now made in Orangeburg. :) To all of my friends I love you dearly, and thank God that I have you in my life. What are you thankful for today?  ¡Bueno días! Cuando me mudé para Orangeburg hace 6 años, luchaba para "ser parte de" y tener amistades. Fue una etapa bien difícil para mi, pues extrañaba a mis amistades de Puerto Rico. Hoy doy gracias por las maravillosas amistades que he hecho en Orangeburg. :) A todas mis amistades las quiero mucho, y le doy gracias a Dios por tenerlos en mi vida. ¿De que estás agradecido hoy?
  • Rachel: You are important to me. As I moved from OH to SC, you became a dear sweet friend. I'm glad we connect on fb and get to meet in person too! Countdown to Christmas get-together.
  • Alleyah: Frances, you just don't know how special not only you are, but your whole family is to our family!! We love you guys!!! 
  • Ella: I'm thankful for great friends n family like u and Ivan.! #teamevansrthebest...
  • Olga Edmé: I am thankful for Goddaughters like you!
  • Chondra: Frances I'm am so grateful to have you as a friend...I remember meeting you through a scentsy sign-up....and now you are one friend everyone needs!!! Love you and I pray god will bless us with a lifetime friendship!!!
Alleyah:  Today I am thankful that God brought my husband out of a bad car accident without any major injuries! Though all of this I STILL TRUST GOD!!! I've cried my last tear!!! I give it to you GOD!! I thank you Lord!!! I still praise our Holy name!!! I hear VICTORY!!!!!!
Andrea: Gracias señor por permitirme un nuevo dia al lado de mis hijas gigi y antonella !
Tasha:  I am thankful to God for our material possessions. However I know our true treasure lies in heaven.
Rosemary: I'm thankful for Abby. She's my sweetness. Although she can be very emotional at times, she has such a huge heart.
Aracelis: Gracias Dios por otro dia llenito de cariñitos de mis hijos ♥
Renee: I never do the days of thankfulness, but today and today only I am: I am thankful for my 2 boys, and how they know to make me feel good all day, everyday. I'm also thankful for those people in my life that are there for me even when I need them the most.
Elsie: Gracias a Dios por todas sus bendiciones y por tanta gente linda....!!!!!
Vicki: Today I am thankful for getting in a well needed nap for a few hours. :)


Frances: Thankful for being able to have for breakfast green bananas, and papaya (lechosa)! :) (For those that don't know I received a package from Puerto Rico yesterday, and the papaya is a tropical fruit, the green bananas are just that green bananas!) Yummmm What have you eaten lately that you're really grateful for?  Agradecida por haber podido desayunar guineitos verdes y papaya (lechosa)... uff rico!!!! ¿Que has comido ultimamente que realmente estabas bien agradecido?
Aracelis: Hoy quiero dar gracias por todo lo que tenemos ... y por que este año habrán muchos más niños que el año pasado recibiendo sus cajitas de regalo ♥
Rosemary: I'm thankful for my little mini-me, Alivia. I haven't been feeling well as you all know & last night she covered me up with a blanket on the couch & offered to make me breakfast in bed. My food choices: pbj on a soft tortilla shell (that's how she likes to eat pbj) or ham sandwich. She our little entertainer & there's never a dull moment with her. I love you livipies!
Vicki: Today I am thankful for having a night out with some of my great friends. :)
Randi: I'm thankful that so far I have had a pretty normal pregnancy and that Miss Olivia appears healthy as far as can be seen :)


Frances: I'm thankful for our house. We have a roof over our head, and a place to call home sweet home!
Doy gracias por nuestra casa. Tenemos un techo sobre nuestras cabezas y un lugar que llamamos hogar dulce hogar.Aracelis: Hoy quiero dar gracias por esa primera 'hija' que Dios y la vida nos regaló hace unos añitos atrás, Marilyn hoy nuestra primera hija cumple 19 añitos ni pensar que fue ayer que la tuvimos en brazos. Coshita We love you ♥ all the way to Jupiter and back :)
Diana: As far as I can recall, my prayers always consisted of God please help me get an A, God please help me getting through grad school and God please help me find a job I enjoy. It wasn't until recently that my prayers only consist of "Thank you Lord..." We are destined for greatness with God's will and our motivations we can accomplish great things. Thank you Lord for all your blessings. Happy Friday!!! Have a great day FB!!!
Jacqueline: Muy buenos días a todos, que Dios me los bendiga. Le agradezco a Dios por un día mas y le pido que sea con cada uno, que puedan sentir su abrazo y que si ya no tienen fuerzas el Señor los levante como al àguila. Yo contenta porque ya se acerca ese día tan hermoso y especial para mí, el día en que veré la sonrisa dibujada en la carita de unos Chicos especiales. Gracias a cada uno de los que ha puesto un granito de arena para que esta actividad se lleve a cabo. Todavia tienen tiempo si desean aportar para esta hermosa actividad. Cualquier cosa me dejan daber. Dios les cuide♥
Rosemary: I'm thankful for my husband, Ty. Besides my children, he's the greatest gift from God I've been blessed with. He's the best husband any woman could ever hope for and an amazing father to our kids. He's the provider of our family & will do what he's able to help others in need. He has a huge heart and is loved, appreciated & respected by many. He's my lover, my hero, my savior, my husband, the best son-in-law/brother-in-law, a caring son, loving brother, super father, but most of all my best friend in the world. I love you Ty. Thank you for all you do for me, our kids & everyone else. Thank you for loving me & showing me what true, unconditional love is all about. Thank you for changing my life forever that June 5th night.
You're my angel sent from above. Like the song says, "some call you amazing. I just call you mine."
Randi: Day 9: I'm thankful to have my own "private" office at my job. I don't know how I would get anything done if I had to sit up front with a window to the waiting lobby right beside me and all the distractions it brings. Props to my co-worker for managing so well. :)
Vicki: Today I am thankful for having such a wonderful son. If he didn't come in my life when he did I don't know where I would be now . Austin mama loves you very much! ♥


Frances: I'm thankful for technology, especially the internet! I met my husband on-line 7 1/2 yrs. ago!! I've made some great friends, too! The internet also helps me keep in touch with my loved ones via Facebook, and other social media sites. I love it that Mami can see her grandson's growth, and accomplishment although she's in Puerto Rico. ¡Estoy agradecida por la tecnología, especialmente la internet! ¡Conocí a mi esposo en línea hace 7 1/2 años atrás! También he hecho grades amistades. La internet me permite mantenerme en contacto con mis seres queridos vía Facebook, y otros medios de internet. Me encanta que Mami puede ver el crecimiento de su nieto, y sus logros aunque está en Puerto Rico.
Vicki: Today I am thankful for Lifetime Movie Network on Saturday nights. I'm about to cuddle up in my warm bed after a long day and watch movies until I fall asleep. :)


Frances:  Thanking God for living in this country, and thanking the men and women who served and died for our country. "This will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave." ~Elmer Davis Happy Veteran's Day, and happy birthday to the best cousin ever Elizabeth Rivera! ♥ ya!
Jacqueline:  Muy feliz con mi vida. Le agradezco a Dios por lo bueno que ha sido conmigo y con los mios. Ya gracias a Dios el martes cumpliré un año mas de vida, y el viernes lo celebraré con los Chicos del hospital oncologico. Que mejor regalo que ver su alegria!!!! !! ;-) Gracias a cada una de las personas que han echo esto posible. Para la Gloria de Dios esto serà maravilloso. Aleluya!!!! Dios les bendiga
Thank you so much to everyone who participated in giving thanks every day! 

¡Gracias a todos los que participaron en dar gracias todos los días! 

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

With Thanksgiving coming up we were ready to make some turkey crafts. :)

This easy kid-friendly Thanksgiving craft was made out of craft foam, and we used glue and buttons for the eyes. I can't draw a turkey so I searched the net for turkey templates. Little one picked two of the templates, and the one we used for the craft can be found here.

As I cut out the templates, he was coloring some of the turkeys and decorating a plastic box with Fall leaves.

Once I finished cutting out the craft foam, we talked about the shapes, colors, and counted how many pieces we needed to make the turkey. He had lots of fun making them, and I made one too. I personally think his (on the left) looks so much better than mine. :) The turkey cut-outs, we will use them to decorate and make "Thanksgiving Day" cards. (That will be our next project). 

As we were making the crafts, and talking about Thanksgiving. I told him how thankful I was for having him as my son, and that we were truly blessed. I had not finished yet, when he tells me, "I'm thankful for my Daddy, for my Mommy, and for our house!"

I also have to add that he says "grace" a small prayer before each meal time. It's short, and simple but very straight to the point (coming from a 4 yr. old):  "Thank you God for the food we are about to eat, and please give food to those who don't have any. Amen"  

What are you thankful for? How do you teach your children gratitude?   

21 Days of Contagious Gratitude

I'm so excited!!! Today is November 1st and it's the official kick-off to 21 Days of Contagious Gratitude Challenge! Mari Tuten-Hernandez from Inspired by Family Magazine is the mastermind behind this awesome challenge! Over 21 bloggers including myself have joined forces, and every day we will all be blogging about what we are thankful for! 

Of course, being this the 1st day of the challenge, and in light of the recent events of the Superstorm Sandy... I'm grateful to have power (electricity), and running water. :) I will be posting on my Facebook page this question daily until my scheduled post on November 11.  Then I will continue participating until the 21st of November. 

What are you grateful for? Please comment here, or on my Facebook page.  I will be compiling a list of things that my family and friends are thankful for.