Book Review: The Color of Us

Black History Month is celebrated from February 1 through February 28th. Before we say goodbye to this month I wanted to share a beautiful book that I bought for little one. The Color of Us by Karen Katz. It is a wonderful book for children to explore multiculturalism and diversity. 

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The book is about a 7 yr. old girl who is learning to mix colors, and wants the right color of brown to make a painting of herself. However, her Mom tells her that there are different shades of brown, and off they go to explore the neighborhood. They talk about  the different hues, and shades of skin color of the people they come across with.  
The description of skin colors that the author uses are beautiful!   Ranging from honey, to ginger to coconuts and coffee toffee. Thus, helping us appreciate the beauty in each color within each race and culture such as Asians, Indians, Latinos and Blacks.
After reading the book to little one we made some crafts! :)  I traced his hand on construction paper, and cut out the hands for him to color. He colored each hand with his new Multicultural Crayons. (Note: I had to order the crayons on-line because they don't sell them in stores).

He had fun coloring the hands as we described the colors, and matched the colored hands to the characters in the book.  He was even looking for crayon shades that matched our skin color as well.  He said that we (he and I) are honey, and that Daddy was a caramel color. :)   This book is a keeper, and I especially love it because of how it brings out the beauty of everyone's skin color. You just can't help but feel special about your own skin color! 

How do you teach your children about multiculturalism and diversity? Would love to hear from you! Please comment, like, share or pin.