Friday, October 18, 2013

Simple Activity with Paint Chips to Learn Sight Words

Every week in kindergarten little one is learning a new set of sight words.  To make learning fun and reinforce at home I came up with a simple idea: cut lettered paint chips and glue to match the words on the paper. 

I wrote the sight words on a blank paper, and drew a line for each letter. Then I wrote the sight word on the paint chip, cut them out, and mixed them all together. I handed my child a glue stick, and he was ready!  He had fun looking for the words, and spelling them out as he glued them. 

This activity can also be used in Spanish.  Have you tried using paint chips in a learning activity? Please comment,like, share or pin! 


  1. I love this colorful way to practice sight words. Now if only I could get a hold of some paint chips!!

  2. Great idea! Esp. for sped children that need multiple modalities to learn AND need so much more exposure and repetitive practice to learn a skill. After awhile, I run out of ideas to practice the same concept!


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