Book Review and Reading Fair Project: The Tooth Fairy Meets El Ratón Pérez

When little one's school announced that they were having a school-wide reading fair project I was excited! When I explained to little one what it was about we had a hard time picking a book. He loves all of his books, and all the books are his "favorites."  

"It’s Never Too Late to Raise Bilingual Children" {Spanglish Baby}

Since the moment I married the love of my life,  and started a biracial familia I knew I wanted to raise our child to be bilingual in both English and Spanish. However, it was a late start, and a roller coaster ride!

Read our story: "Here’s Proof That It’s Never Too Late to Raise Bilingual Children." I am truly excited to have had the opportunity to guest post on Spanglish Baby; and I hope that our story will inspire you.  

Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop #10

Hi!  Welcome to the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop #10
This week Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop features: 

Thankful for My Son's Enthusiasm on Learning Spanish

This past weekend as I sat at the table surrounded by books in Spanish, printables, and materials to teach our son Spanish - I felt overwhelmed. For a few minutes as I watched my son gather his toys from the floor to begin our lesson I thought, “Can I really teach my child to be fully bilingual, and biliterate?” I silently prayed to God to use me as an instrument to teach my child the gift of another language. 

Spanish Syllables: Learning to Read {Guest Post on Spanish Playground}

I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to guest post on one of my favorite language learning "go to" resources on the web: Spanish Playground!  I have been working with little one on his language learning skills to read in Spanish, and we've started with the Spanish syllables. Click here to read more. 

I have also been using the printable from this post on how to Play Syllable Games to Develop Prereading Skills in Spanish {Printable Game}.  However, I used paint chip cards for little man to glue the pictures on them.  We clapped out the syllables from the pictures, and he would glue them on the paint chip card with "una sílaba", "dos sílabas", etc.   He had so much fun, and wanted me to go print out more pictures for him to practice.  

How do you teach your child to read in Spanish? Please share, comment, like or pin! 

Operation Christmas Child 2013

This year we're gearing up again for our annual family tradition - Operation Christmas Child! This year has also been a first for us to receive a letter from a shoebox recipient from Malawi! It is also the first year where little one made friendship bracelets, and met with his friends  to make homemade crafts for their shoeboxes. 

Teaching empathy, compassion, selflessness, and love through the simple act of making crafts for other children is priceless! Having also received a letter from a very grateful little boy goes beyond our dreams, and it is a testament on how we change the life of a child by sharing the love of God through a simple gift of a shoebox. 

Throughout the year, I’ve also been saving and preparing for this year’s shoe boxes. I was excited to participate in a $10 challenge to fill a shoebox with school supplies.

Our Little Soccer Player, Pelé and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Little one played soccer for the first time when he was 3 yrs. old,  although he didn't like it we still took him to every game. His motor skills weren't fully developed, and of course, there were other kids faster than him. However, it was important for us that he follow through with finishing the season.  We talked to him about the importance of team work, and how he played an important role in the team.  

Our 3rd Jumping into Fall Kiddie Costume Party!

Fall is here, and it's time for our Annual Jumping Into Fall Costume Party! This year will be our 3rd year celebrating, and I have to say that it wouldn't be possible without the amazing group of mommy friends that I have! This year I reserved a shelter with picnic tables in our local playground for free!  This party took months of planning, and organizing. (With our busy schedules we needed to agree on a date that would work).  The day of the party the weather was simply beautiful.  It was filled with crafts, games, goodies, and food! 

Wordless Wednesday: Little Man's "Homeschool" Nook

"Homeschool" is in quotations because I don't actually homeschool; but I do reinforce what he is being taught in school; and of course, my passion: teaching him Spanish.

Giving Thanks {Dando Gracias}

I love this time of the year! It's Fall and this is the month that we celebrate Thanksgiving.