Our Top Five Puerto Rico Children's Books To Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

I have seen so many wonderful lists of children's book to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month that I was inspired to create a list of our top five Puerto Rico children's book to celebrate through out this month.  We have these books at home, and they are my child's favorite. 

El Cemí y Dujo: Discovering Our Taíno Ancestry

This is the second installment of Discovering Our Taíno Ancestry series.   In our first installment little one learned about his Taíno culture with a sensory "yucayeque" village that we made. Today's post is all about learning more in detail about the cemíes and dujos that were in his yucayeque.  Luckily I was able to purchase small replicas during our visit to Puerto Rico this past summer, and he used those to make his own. 

Spanish Home Lessons: Fall Spanish Sight Words (Otoño: En, Aquí)

Love this time of year when the leaves are changing, and the weather is getting cooler. It's the perfect time to teach little man Fall Spanish sight words:  en, aquí

Discovering Our Taíno Ancestry

I'm very honored to be a member of the Multicultural Kid Blogs. Together with 15 of our member blogs we are hosting the Second Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Blog Hop celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 through October 15.  See details below for the chance to win prizes, and participate in our celebration. 

Also, through out this month I will have a special series called:  "Discovering Our Taíno Ancestry."   This is the first installment of our series. We will be celebrating our Hispanic heritage, and teaching little one about his Taíno ancestry. 

This past summer we visited Puerto Rico. However, this visit was unlike any other it was our son's first "real" Spanish immersion trip, and  I was also on a quest to teach our son about his Taíno heritage.

We had the opportunity to see "La Cara del Indio" it's a rock sculpture of a Taíno indian located in the entrance of the town of Isabela and El Tunel de Guajataca. This impressive sculpture pays homage to the Cacique Mabodamaca who was a heroic chieftain  from the 16th century who protected his people, and way of life from the European invaders. This sculpture is visible from the main road, and a vivid reminder of every Puerto Rican's  Taíno heritage. 
Taíno rock sculpture of Cacique Mabodamaca. Picture taken during our visit during the summer. 

Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop #8

Hi!  Welcome to the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop #8
This week Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop features: 

A French story time with Atelier Story Time:


Beautiful  Rakhi/ Friendship Band Activity from Laugh and Learn 

A Letter to Our Son {Your First Day of Kindergarten}

Dear son:

My precious little angel you're embarking on a new adventure, and chartering on to unknown territory. You're scared, and nervous. Truth be told you're not looking forward to kindergarten. When you graduated from preschool we made a big deal about going to new school after summer.

For your birthday you received an Angry Bird sneaker, pencils, pencil pouch, wallet, shirt, and a cap as gifts. Most of these things you'll be using at your new school, and we even bought you a cool Angry Bird backpack to get you excited about school. You love Angry Birds! We've also been reading the bilingual mini-books about school to get you excited.