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Every time that I have an opportunity to share my Puerto Rican heritage I literally jump on it! I am so passionate about my beautiful island's people, customs, traditions, architecture, and geography. Especially about about it's food and culture.  Click on the picture below to read more about it on Multicultural Kid Blogs!  

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Kids Survivor Themed Birthday Party

We are huge Survivor fans! So what better way to celebrate our son’s 6th birthday party with a Survivor theme!  Of course, this was my husband's idea, and our child ran with it!!! Little one went crazy coming up with different challenges for the tribes, and ideas for his birthday. We did a lot of brainstorming, and of course, I scoured the internet looking for ideas.  

For the invitation I didn't do anything fancy.  I created an event on Facebook with the details for the party. Since our son's party is in July = major heat I planned to have the party from 10 a.m. - 12 noon. 

On the invite I had the following:   
  • Bring the kids in swimming gear! Bathing suits, swimming trunks, and an extra set of clothes. The kids will get wet! We’ll also have kiddie pools to beat the heat!
  • Make sure to read the welcome board to see what tribe you're assigned to.
  • We will have an auction just like in Survivor, but with fake money! Have your kids brush up or practice simple math up to $20, and how to bid!
  • Last but not least, lunch will be served!  So let me know how many adults will be coming as well. 
  • Survivor! Outsmart, outlaugh, and outfun!!!! 
We had the party in our yard. It was set-up with the challenges, auction table, cake table, and a green swing decorated for the gifts.

I set-up two areas in the back yard with the tribe's names (we went for simple) Red Tribe, and Blue Tribe. I printed the logo that I found on Chica and Jo's website. I decorated a white poster board with the logo, and tiki cut-outs I found at the dollar store. Then I taped the poster board to the tiki torches.

Ocean Castaway Slime Birthday Party Favor

We're big Survivor fans in our home, thus the theme for little one's 6th birthday party!

As I searched through Pinterest looking for party favor ideas Bug and Buddy's Ocean Slime Recipe caught my son's attention.  The colorful blue slime with sea creatures on it was something that he wanted me to make for him.  My son was like, "Momma, I want you to make that!"  

I made a batch for him to play, and the rest to make the birthday party favors.  I must say, they came out nicely! However, please note that you should follow Bug and Buggy's recipe as listed. I made a batch with a "generic" brand of glue, and it came out gloppy!  I used Elmer's white glue, and it came out perfectly. 

Little one gave his friends the party favors with a little note saying: 
Thank you for...coming to my 6th Survivor birthday party! Have fun with the "Castaway Ocean Slime!" 

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Limber de Oreo A Puerto Rico Frozen Treat

Long summer days, and scorching sun makes me want to eat frozen sweet treats from Puerto Rico! Remember when I wrote about the piraguas?

Well, with us living in the U.S.A it's kind'a hard trying to get my hands on one of them right now.   Limbers are often sold from a neighbor's home. I remember when I was growing up it was a real treat to get a quarter, and run down to Doña Juana's house to buy a limber! Oh, so many flavors to choose from!

Limbers are homemade frozen treats made out of tropical fruits such as pineapple, coconut, mango, tamarindo, and the not so common, and very popular amongst the smaller children Oreo cookie flavor. My personal favorite is coconut, crema and bizcocho. 

Although, I can't fly off to Puerto Rico to get a limber I can sure make some with my little man. I asked him what flavor he'd like to make, and of course he said "Oreo!"

Making limber with your children is a fun and easy!

Puerto Rico Piragua Icy Sweet Treat

Puerto Rico piraguas  are icy sweet treats perfect to cool off during these dog days of summer! It's been so hot here that all I'm craving is a piragua!  Since I can't have one now, I will  write about a favorite icy treat from my beautiful Puerto Rico.

Piragua is shaved iced served in a cone cup and topped with sweet flavored syrup.  A piragua not to be confused with the American snow cones are shaped in the form of a pyramid while the snow cones are shaped liked balls.  

In the picture below you'll see on top of the second bottle an odd white shaped mold. This is what gives the piragua it's pyramid shape.

Via Jeffrey Bary Flickr Common Creative

In Puerto Rico you can find a piragua cart nearly anywhere. My brother-in-law was kind enough to send me the pictures you see below of a recent family visit to Puerto Rico. He didn't have a hard time finding un piraguero (man who sells piragua) since they are on the side of the road selling out of their trucks, at the flea market, or at the beach.

Piragua is such a popular treat in Puerto Rico, that you can also find wooden piragua cart toys (center picture in collage blue wooden piragua toy).

Photos courtesy of my brother-in-law David Torres enjoying piraguas in Puerto Rico! 

Papier Maché Rabbit Piñata

During little man's past birthdays we've never really had a piñata. Shocker! I know! I guess I was intimidated by the whole papier maché method that I didn't venture into trying it out. Until, I saw my wonderful friend Jody from Mud Hut Mama's super, easy to do papier maché leopard piñata

Since we're doing a Survivor theme, yes, like the reality show Survivor. I thought we can make a jungle animal piñata so it can go with the theme. Both hubby, and little one are huge fans of the show!

But, instead my child insisted on a bunny rabbit!!! I was like really? Daddy tried to persuade him but he was adamant that he wanted a bunny rabbit. Of course, it's his a rabbit piñata was in the works. 

I followed Jody's instructions to a tee! I read her post like 10 times before we ventured into making the piñata, and this is the result! This was a collaborative effort between my child and I; and I must say that it came out nice. Little man loves it!!!

Summer Book Exchange Look Left,Look Right, Look Left Again Activities

When I read that The Educators' Spin On It were hosting a Love Books Summer Exchange I knew I had to sign-up! My 5 yr. old loves books, and of course, he loves activities as well!

We were paired up with Kathy from Kathys Cluttered Mind, and we received her love books exchange just a few days before we were going on a summer road trip to the beach.  In our package we received the book Look Left,Look Right, Look Left Again Board book by Ginger Pate. The book is about a little duck that needs to mail out a card, but he has to go through some very busy roads, and he has to look left, look right, and look left again.  

The package came in  at a perfect timing! We read the book together before the trip, but I didn't show him the activities until the day of the trip itself. I used the contents of the package including the book to make a road trip busy box for him.  

Happy Birthday U.S.A.!

Every year our multicultural familia celebrates 4th of July with a BBQ at home. My husband goes all out barbecuing, and we have fun playing in the pool, and cooling off.

A fun craft to celebrate this day is of course, a simple U.S.A. flag craft. Little one has been doing some flag crafts during summer camp.  

Below you'll see two simple flag crafts: 
  1. Print & color a flag, and glue a cardboard "stick"
  2. Laminate a white sheet of paper and have your child make finger prints of the flag