Tru-Colour Bandages - Bandages for Every Kid or Adult!

As a parent of a biracial child I find it hard to find items, and products that he can identify with or relate to. So I was happy when I heard about True-Colour bandages. Once I received the package with the bandages I set-out to message my friends about it. Also, letting them know that the bandages were inspired by an adoptive dad who couldn't find bandages in diverse colors for his children because he only found beige, and "cartoon" bandages. Hence, creating different skin tones of bandages with the slogan "diversity in healing."
Disclosure: I received a Tru-Colour bandages for the purpose of reviewing it. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. All opinions stated below are my own or of those who tried out the bandages.
Interested in wanting to know my mommy friend's input and feedback I sent them samples of True-Colours, and asked for their's and their kid's reaction. 

African-American Poetry for Kids

We're celebrating Black History Month with a compilation of African-American poetry for kids. Reading the beautiful poems from poets from the past, and the present allows my child to have a deeper, and more profound appreciation of his African-American culture, and heritage. 
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Chinese New Year Kid's Culture Party

Chinese New Year is celebration that goes on for fifteen days!  We celebrated by hosting a kids culture party!

Two years ago I had the pleasure of bringing a Chinese student into our home for our Chinese New Year cultural play date. This year, I didn't have much luck! However, I went ahead and celebrated with little one, and his Spanish speaking friends.  Since I was already babysitting little one's two Spanish speaking friends I went ahead and invited a classmate of his,  and her Mommy to join us, too.

Encouraging in Your Child a Love for the Minority Language

On the third year anniversary of our journey into Spanish immersion I find it fitting to share with you what language immersion strategies have worked for us, and how my child has a new-found love with the Spanish language. 

Photo via Common Creative: Marcus Koljonen, and Microsoft Word.  

In the beginning I was filled with high-expectations, and I was so nervous of the outcome because I didn't start speaking to our son in Spanish since he was born; but when he turned 4 yrs. old. Seriously! I waited that long!