Native American Cherokee Trail River Festival

The weather was cool, and the sun was shining. A beautiful day indeed to visit our very first Native American Cherokee Trail River Festival. Upon our arrival we can see the tents set-up with Native American crafts, walking sticks, dreamcatchers, and more. An arena was set in a center circle surrounded by hay bales, and we heard a Native American storyteller accompanied by the beautiful music of the flute.  

We were excited to have the opportunity to learn about the Native American culture and heritage. 

On the Wings of the Condor Spanish Children's Book

Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy take you on a journey of the first inhabitants of Spanish-speaking lands in the children's book En Alas del Condor (Puertas al Sol) (affiliate link) with beautiful illustrations on  the history and culture of the indigenous peoples of Latin America and their contributions. 

Source:  Chasqui,  condor, Taino,  and palafito

Exploring Puerto Rico Landmarks Free Printable

Puerto Rico although a small island it's huge in heart!   Let's explore Puerto Rico landmarks together with your kids, and learn about places you would dream to visit one day! 

Puerto Rico celebrates on November 19,  Día de la Cultura Puertorriqueña y el Descubrimiento de Puerto Rico (Day of Puerto Rican culture, and the discovery of the island). However, in good Puerto Rican fashion the celebration extends to a whole week! Boricuas loves to party!     

Semana de la Puertorriqueñidad is a week of the celebration on one's Puerto Rican heritage, culture, music, idiosyncrasy, identity, and anything that identifies you with being Puerto Rican.  Schools across the island celebrate from November 16-20.  

My Bilingual Child's Secret Language: Spanish

Never in my wildest dreams I could imagine writing about my son's "secret" language: Spanish!  When we started our bilingual journey I had my heart and soul in providing for him a Spanish immersion experience.  It was an unfathomable feat considering we were living in an exclusive monolingual environment where opportunities to nurture a bilingual child were literally impossible.

Nevertheless, my mama heart was set on making our child bilingual against all odds...
Picture on left my 7 yr. old. Picture on right when he was 4 yrs. old and we started our bilingual journey.