Feliz cumpleaños Dr. Seuss!

Durante los pasados años,  desde que mi niño estaba en el preescolar siempre celebramos el cumpleaños de  Theodor Seuss Geisel mejor conocido como Dr. Seuss.  

En una ocasión pasada, tuvimos una fiesta en su escuelita que por supuesto incluía la lectura de uno de los libros de Dr. Seuss, y una actividad para los niños.   En dos ocasiones celebramos con sus amiguitos al aire libre en casa de una amiga y en otra ocasión en el parque.  Como estamos aprendiendo Español también hicimos una actividad para el libro The Foot Book (El Libro del Pie).

¡Este año seguimos de fiesta! Celebramos en casa con un intercambio de libros, la película Horton Hears a Who!, bizcocho de cumpleaño, una barra de palomitas de maíz, golosinas, y picadera. También tuvimos un concurso de disfraz. Se les pidió a las mamás de los niños/as que vengan vestidos con un sombrero de Dr. Seuss, y una camisa negra, blanca o roja, que fueran creativos con sus hijos/as y hagan un lazo rojo o sombrero. Si los niños/as vienen disfrazados como Dr. Seuss que incluya el sombrero, lazo, camisa/blusa y hasta el bigote o la cola recibirán un premio especial de participación.

Para la comida, servimos unos mini-emparedados de jamón con queso con unas frases de Dr. Seuss en Español.

Queso de mozarella decorados como el gato ensombrerado.

Galletas de peces  y huevos verdes con jamón alusivos a los libros de Dr. Seuss. Para los huevos verdes con jamón fue una receta que encontré en este enlace

Bizochitos de vainilla y chocolate con helado.

Un dip de pollo con chips, galletas saladas y barras de granola (para las mamás que estuvieran velando su dieta jajaja) 

Una bandeja de manzanas alusivas también al libro de Dr. Seuss y unas naranjas en rebanadas con un pote de Tajín. 

Como también estamos celebrando Leer a través de America (Read Across America) uno de los niños leyó un libro de Dr. Seuss y realizamos un intercambio de libros.

El intercambio de libro consiste en que cada niño traerá tres libros que ellos no quieren y tendrán la oportunidad de escoger tres libros que serán "nuevos" para ellos.

¡Espero disfruten las fotos de la fiesta de cumpleaño en honor a Dr. Seuss tanto como los niños! Una vez terminada la fiesta todos salieron afuera a jugar.

Antes de que se vayan asegurénse de visitar a Mommy Maestra que comparte varias actividades bilingues para celebrar el día de Dr. Seuss.  Ladydeelg nos sugiere libros en Español de Dr. Seuss para sus niños bilingues.  Visite PBS para una página interactiva en Español dedicado al gato ensombrerado Dr. Seuss.

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Bilingual Kids Tips on Rolling Your R's

Rolling your R's can be difficult especially for a bilingual kid.  Uncertain on how to help my little one I reached out to a group of wonderful mamas from Multicultural Kid Blogs for some tips, and suggestions.  

Black History Month Children's Books

To celebrate Black History Month this year I've compiled a list of children's book to read throughout this month. Some of these books we own, others we checked out at our local library.  Below you'll read about the underground railroad, a march during the Civil Rights Movement, and a mule at Gee's Bend, the biography of Sun Ra, a beautiful and touching story of a slave family, an empowering book for girls, and the story of a little girl, and her new shoes. 

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Age Range: 5 - 8 years

A sweet story of a mule in Gee's Bend, Alabama  who played a played a key role in the civil rights movement-- and a young boy who sees history anew.

Age Range: 6 - 9 years

A simple act of not being able to try on shoes in a store during the segregation era inspires a young girl, and her friend to have their own shoe sale by washing, and restoring shoes; and welcoming everyone to try on all the shoes they wanted. 

Age Range: 3 - 7 years

A telling story of the journey through the underground railroad  told by Cassie, who soars into the sky with her brother Be Be. They meet a train full of people, and Be Be joins them. But the train departs before Cassie can climb aboard. With Harriet Tubman as her guide, Cassie retraces the steps escaping slaves took on the real Underground Railroad and is finally reunited with her brother at the story's end. 

Age Range: 4 - 8 years 

The story of a family who silently crawls along the ground running barefoot through unlit woods, sleep beneath bushes, take shelter in a kind stranger's home. They are heading for freedom by way of the Underground Railroad.

Age Range: 6 - 9 years

This is the story of Jazz musician Sun Ra (1914–1993).  Sun Ra said that music is what holds us all together. 

Age Range: 5 - 10 years

A young girl taken away from her Africa home describes the pain of being kidnapped, made to march while chained, and taken to America to be sold at an auction, she undergoes the brutalities of slavery.

Age Range: 4 - 8 years

A simple yet powerful book on the march taken place on August 28, 1963.  Beginning with the march at the Washington Monument and ended with a rally at the Lincoln Memorial, where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his historic "I Have a Dream" speech, advocating racial harmony.

An empowering book on strong, and courageous Black women today. 

For more post on my blog on Black History Month make sure you read African-American Poetry for Kids, an African Exhibit, and Folktale, a review on Rosa Parks, and The Color of Us; and lastly a Black History Month in Spanish.  

This post is part of the Multicultural Kid Blogs Black History Month Series.  So make sure to scroll all the way down to participate in the awesome giveaway!  Sorry it's over! 

Welcome to our third annual Black History Month series and giveaway! Follow along all month long as we explore the rich history and cultures of Africa and African-Americans. Be sure to enter our giveaway below and link up your own posts at the bottom of the page.

Sopa de Hortalizas (Coleccion Dos Lenguas) Reading Fair Project

I am constantly looking for Spanish or Bilingual children's book for my little man so I was delighted to find Sopa de Hortalizas (Coleccion Dos Lenguas) (Spanish Edition) (affiliate link) by Puerto Rican author Angeles Molina Iturrondo.

Animal books are my son's favorite, and I love that this book is a two in one. Presented in both English and Spanish with discussion questions for parents. 

This book is a favorite in our home. It's the story of  Mrs. Rabbit's trip to the orchard to get some carrots to make some soup. On her way to the orchard she comes across her forest friends who give her advice on what other vegetables to add.  In the end, she makes a yummy vegetable soup to feed her bunnies, and forest friends. 

For this year's reading fair project my son actually picked this book.  He was so excited, and knows the story by heart. 

When looking for activity ideas for this book I found one geared towards kindergarten age students. I'm sure it can be adapted for 1st graders, too.

For more multicultural, and/or bilingual children's book activities, and reviews click here.

The Parrot Club / Club Cotorra Bilingual Children's and Activity

Every time we visit Puerto Rico I make sure to come back with one or more books for little one's home library. We visited El Morro in Old San Juan, and their gift shop had quite a selection of children's book. My child picked The Parrot Club / Club Cotorra by Nancy Hooper. This made me happy because if it was a book that caught his attention, it's a book that he will read. It's an English and Spanish edition in one book.  Just like my son's favorite book Everywhere Coquis!/¡En dondequiera coquies! and by the same author. 

Puerto Rican Terms of Endearment and Expressions of Love

Only a Puerto Rican can understand and relate to these popular Puerto Rican tems of endearment and expressions of love. However, being in a bicultural relationship means conveying and explaining to my better half that if I call you Papi/Pai, I'm not really calling you Daddy. It's simply a term of endearment for males. In my case, for my husband, and son whom I call Papi, and they both respond. Hahaha! 

Bilingual Kids: Reading and Writing in Spanish

One of my goals when raising a bilingual kid was for him to read and write in Spanish.  Since little one, is not so little anymore.  I have to constantly look for ways to keep him engaged, and interested.

Especially now that that he's 7 1/2 yrs. old and tells me, "¿Mamá, porque tengo que leer en Español? "Mommy, why do I have to read in Spanish?" I sigh, and smile, "Porque eres bilingüe mi niño." "Because you're bilingual my child."  

So how do I keep him engaged, and excited about  reading and writing in Spanish??  Read along as I share 8 tips on encouraging biliteracy in our home.