Easy Guava Cheesecake Recipe

Nothing screams more to me "Puerto Rico" than taking a bite of this creamy and oh so delicious guava cheesecake! 

Spanish Easter Scavenger Hunt {Free Printable}

Looking for a non-traditional Easter scavenger hunt in Spanish? Look no further!

As in year's past, little one will have an Easter basket by his bed when he wakes up.   He will also be getting a special letter from the Easter bunny himself but in Español!

Celebrating Latina Authors for Women's History Month

During Women's History Month we celebrate the accomplishments of women across the world. Women who have made their impact in our society, and today's roundup of Latina authors is no exception.

The Tale of an Almost Lost Lovie

It was early Wednesday morning we were bustling through the famous TSA check-in line at the airport. 

We were like 10 people away from getting through the gate.  

My very chatty 7 yr. old was excited that we were soon getting on the plane to head back home. 


Spain Summer Camp

Last year little one had the opportunity to participate in a cultural summer camp. The country they'd be learning about? Spain! 

He was so excited because he learned how to dance flamenco, ate some Spanish tapas, made a cool candle with the colors of Spain, learned about Picasso, too!  

Felisa y El Mágico Coquí Spanish Children's Book

Felisa Rincón de Gautier is the First Lady of the Americas.  She was the first female mayor of any capital city in the Americas when she was elected as the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico on 1946. She served her term for 22 years through 1968.  

Dr. Seuss Free Spanish Phrase Printable Toppers

We all love Dr. Seuss, and for our birthday celebration I served mini-sandwiches with ham and cheese with a Spanish Dr. Seuss phrase topper. 

Scroll to the bottom so you can get your very own free Dr. Seuss Spanish phrase printable! 

Click here to see our Dr. Seuss Birthday party.   You can also use the toppers on cupcakes, too!