El Chavo A Childhood Classic and the Life Lessons He Taught Us

El Chavo is a timeless sitcom, and a classic in the homes of many Latin American families.

My sweet nephew also a big fan of el Chavo! 
I grew up watching El Chavo del Ocho (the original version) not the animated one.   Every afternoon we would all prop ourselves (including my Abuela) in front of the TV to watch el Chavo and his friends from la vecindad in their daily adventures, and mishaps.

Discovering Pakistan with Kids: The Story of Iqbal Masih and Malala Yousafzai

Taking a stroll through the library, I came across the book:  Malala, a Brave Girl from Pakistan/Iqbal, a Brave Boy from Pakistan: Two Stories of Bravery  by Jeanette Winter. (Aff. link)

What caught my attention was that the book was a two in one. Two stories in one book, you flip the book and you read about Iqbal's story, and flip it over again and you can read Malala's story.  

The Importance of Music and Raising Bilingual Kids

Music has been an important factor in raising my bilingual kid. Research has found that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas. Furthermore, listening to music has beneficial effects it sets our mood, and it connects us to a cultural experience.

Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop #40

Welcome to the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop! The Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop is a place where bloggers can share multicultural activities, crafts, recipes, and musings for our creative kids. We can't wait to see what you share this time!

Frida y Diego Read Around the World Summer Series

Today's recommendation for the Multicultural Kid Blogs Read Around the World Summer Reading Series! Today's recommendation is sure to please children ages 6-11 yrs. old. You can read my full review here.

Be sure to periodically check the Multicultural Kid Blogs Read Around the World Summer Reading Series for a list of the participating blogs, and multicultural read recommendations. You can also check all the live posts on the Read Around the World Summer Series Pinterest board.