Bilingual Road Trip Games and Activities

Planning a 12+ hour road trip to and another 12+ hour road trip from means you need to keep your kids busy in the car!   With so many hours in the car I wanted to sneak in some Spanish learning, too! Yeah, I know I'm sneaky like that! Ha!  Any who, I didn't want my child to be fixated on a screen for so many hours.  

So I started searching the web for bilingual road trip games and activities. Guess what? My search was unsuccessful! Nada!!! Thankfully I have some really awesome blogging friends that shared with me some cool printables in Español. Some were not "travel" related but could be very well used during a road trip. Below are the links for the Spanish resources. Then I'll share my top three picks that we used for our road trip.

Discovering Sweden with Kids Dala Horse Craft

We are pumped with the upcoming Olympics and what better way to learn about the participating countries by making a craft and reading about the country.  In today's Discovering Sweden with Kids Series post we are sharing with you a fun, and simple way to make a Dala horse craft with kids. 

The Dala horse also known as a Dalecarlian horse is a traditional carved, painted wooden horse statuette.  The Dala horse originated as a wooden toy in the Swedish province Dalarna (Dalecarlia).

The Dala horse in bright red with white, green, yellow and blue details has become the symbol of this province as well as a symbol of Sweden. It is said that the image of the horses goes back thousands of years, and it is a symbol of strength and courage. 

For today's post on discovering Sweden we used:

  • The Summer Olympics Printables Packet from Multicultural Kid BlogsThis pack has a wealth of information on the participating countries. We learned all about Sweden, it's wildlife, and the vikings. 
  • Print-out of the Dala horse  
    • Cardboard - I used the shoe box cardboard and traced the horse on it. 
    • White glue - I traced the design of the horse on the cut-out cardboard
  • Paint 
  • Pom-poms - to decorate 
  • Sweden - brochures, postcards, etc. I got these from a culture swap we did with a family from Sweden a few years ago. 

After a brief discussion using the Summer Olympics Printables Packet from Multicultural Kid Blogs and reading about Sweden. I also looked up on Kids' National Geographic for some pictures and other fun facts on Sweden. 

Official Name: Kingdom of Sweden
Form of Government: Constitutional monarchy
Capital: Stockholm
Area: 173,860 square miles (450,295 square kilometers)
Population:  9,045,389
Official Language: Swedish
Money: Swedish krona

Sweden is one of the least populated countries in Europe, with a population of only about 9 million people. Most people used to live in the countryside, but as the country became industrialized in the 1900s, many moved to the cities of Malmö, Göteborg, and Stockholm.

During the 1930s, Sweden developed the welfare system, known as "the Swedish model." Under their system, all Swedes have access to publicly financed health care, help for the unemployed, child care, schools, elder care, and at least five weeks of paid vacation per year.

Then we had tons of fun painting our very own Dala horses! 

Welcome to our Olympics for Kids series! The Olympics are a wonderful opportunity to teach kids about the world and explore cultures together. Today, you can find more about other crafts from various countries thanks to our participating bloggers:

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Don't forget that you can also download our Summer Games Unit activity pack to learn more about the world and have fun during the Olympics.

Paquito y Abuelito Read Around the World Summer Series

Today's recommendation for the Multicultural Kid Blogs Read Around the World Summer Reading Series! Today's recommendation is sure to please children ages 6-11 yrs. old.

Be sure to periodically check the Multicultural Kid Blogs Read Around the World Summer Reading Series for a list of the participating blogs, and multicultural read recommendations. You can also check all the live posts on the Read Around the World Summer Series Pinterest board.

Puerto Rico Olympic Medalist Winners

Despite the fact that Puerto Rico is an unincorporated U.S. territory it has participated in the Olympics as an "independent" country. This is in due to the fact that it was recognized by the International Olympic Committee Charter back in 1948 as a separate entity (country) from the U.S.A. 

Puerto Rico has had eight Olympic medalist winners, 6 bronze medals, and 2 silver medals.

I'm really excited to share with you eight Puerto Rican Olympic Medalist: 
Images via Commons Wikimedia herehere and here

Captain Mama's Surprise/La Sorpresa de Capitán Mamá! Review

I am thrilled to feature this book for Multicultural  Children's Book Day!

I can't   find  a better way to celebrate 4th of July with my child than reading Captain Mama's Suprise/La Sorpresa de Capitán Mamá! 

I first heard of Good Night Captain Mamá/Buenas Noches Capitán Mamá a few years ago when I won a giveaway from Mommy Maestra.  Since then this book has been a favorite in our home.  So you can imagine my excitement to have yet another quality bilingual children's book featuring a minority Latina mamá with her children.