Tips for Motivating Language Learning in Pre-Teens

The days of sing-along, and finger-puppet play to learn a new language are long behind us.

My child is an 8 1/2 pre-teen which has proven to be quite challenging to motivate when it's time for his language lessons. Seriously, teaching him when he was a preschooler was so much easier!

However, I see that this is a common phenomenon.  I recently read a post from Multilingual Parenting that children learning another language go through a rebellious phase, and the importance of being consistent. So I am not alone!

In today's post I am sharing tips for motivating language learning in pre-teens.  This age group usually describes those between ages 8 to 12 also known as the 'tween years.

I've learned by experience that this age is very difficult to engage and motivate.

Puerto Rican Sandwich Spread (Sandwichitos de mezcla)

Puerto Rican sandwich spread (sandwichitos de mezcla) is a staple in every party, event or family gathering in Puerto Rico.

What is it? It's a creamy and delish mixture of cheese, luncheon meat, pimentos and cream cheese nicely spread between two slices of white bread. FYI, this is not healthy at all, but oh so good! 

During this past holiday I hosted a party at home. Guess what I served? Yes, sandwichitos de mezcla, and they were a hit with both the kids and adults.