Homemade Paint + Kiddo = One Happy Child! {Lazy Sunday Arts & Crafts}

With our busy work schedules, soccer games in the evenings, and running errands during the weekends...we need to take time out to kindle our son's artistic skills. :) What better way than to have fun on a Sunday afternoon with some homemade finger paints! 

Someone shared a picture with me on Facebook of  an easy to make homemade finger paint recipe. (Thank you Lamont!), and sure enough I also found the same recipe on Pinterest, and you can also find the original post here.  

After I made the recipe, we got to working on mixing the colors. 
I gave little one a plastic knife to stir the food coloring, and I did a little mixing myself. 
Finally little one was ready to start working on his masterpiece! He actually made three! 
Hubby and I also did some finger painting (hand prints) for our family tree!  
I also saved some empty rolls of toilet paper and had him paint them so we can make owl crafts. 
(Yes another idea that I found on Pinterest! The original post can be found here.) 
As you can see we both had our "painting" shirts on! It was a hot "colorful" mess! Hands were stained with the paint, but nothing that a good wash and soap can take care of. 
We made 6 small containers of homemade finger paint. Since the ingredients are starch, sugar, salt and food coloring I decided to save them in the fridge. So we'll see how long they last. 

   So proud of his owls, he made them all by himself! 

Showing off his owls, and making funny faces!  
Playing with Daddy and his owls! 
Our greatest pleasure is to see how happy, and excited our son was while we were making this project. Many times, he'd say, "Momma, I'm so excited!" or "This is so much fun!" We heard giggles and laughter that filled our home, and the satisfaction of seeing his final work of art is priceless indeed. 

Until our next project!