Crazy Socks {Lazy Sunday Arts & Crafts}

Today is Sunday, and it's really the only day of the week that we would have time to make arts and crafts.   

Little one has "Crazy Sock Day" tomorrow at school, and what better way than to make our own crazy socks! 

I found some old black socks, an Elmo book (to use as a guide), red & orange pom poms to make Elmo, blue pom poms to make Cookie Monster, googly eyes, and black & white buttons, 2 empty containers to slide the socks in, and hot glue gun (Keep away from children! I used it to put the hot glue on the sock, and let little one put the pom poms on the glue). 

For the mouths, I used Bendaroos that I purchased on Amazon. It's a flexible wax string, that you can shape and form into anything! For Cookie Monster's eyes, I didn't have big googly eyes, so I used two large white buttons, and glued on smaller googly eyes. Came out pretty cool cause his eyes are not really straight anyways. :) 

Ahh the finished product! A pair of crazy socks with Elmo and Cookie Monster on them. 

Here's little one ready to go to school, and so excited about his crazy socks. He called them silly, and wacky! :) He insisted on having the socks face forward so all his friends can see them.
I have one happy child, with crazy socks! Would love to hear your comments about our crazy creation! Please like, share or comment!