"Goodnight Moon" The Musical

One of the first books in English that I bought for my son was Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. This book is a classic, and indeed my son's favorite bedtime story.   I was surprised to see that even after 65 years this book is still an all-time favorite.  

Goodnight moon is written in short rhyming sentences, and describes the bunny's bedtime ritual.  When  I found out that the Columbia Children's Theater was having a musical of Goodnight Moon we were ecstatic!  We were all excited, and couldn't wait to go see it.  My son was so excited that he brought his book (good thing cause the cast autographed his book!)   

The stage is a replica of the great green room, and I felt as we were inside of the book! The first thing that my son asked was where were the bunny, the old lady, the cats and the mouse. Sure, enough when the lights went out, and came back on; there sat the old lady on the rocking chair, the cats and the mouse laying on the floor by the bed, and the bunny!

The musical lasted a full hour, and I was worried that my son's attention span would not last that long. However, my son was sitting mesmerized, and smiling! He was laughing all the through the musical!

Excited and waiting for the musical to start. 

The bunny, the cats, and the old lady. 

The Cat and the Fiddle. 

The three bears sitting in chairs. 

The bunny checking out the toy house with the mouse. 

Getting ready to go to bed, and the moon was singing. 

The theater was full of children and adults alike. They were all in a trance watching the musical. 

The cast was outside signing autographs, and posing for pictures. Little one was being shy (as you can see in the picture), but all and all he was very happy! 

The musical was absolutely awesome, and the production brought to life every single detail in the book, from the clock, to the lighting, to the bears literally jumping out of the picture frame. There is nothing like seeing your child's favorite bedtime story come to life, with a beautiful stage setting, dancing, singing, and lots of laughs! This a fun, and family friendly production!

The Columbia Children's Theater did a wonderful job recreating this fave bedtime story, and we're looking forward to future productions.