Christmas Tree Ornaments {Lazy Sunday Arts & Crafts}

A few years ago I received as a gift a book "The Frugal Gourmet Celebrates Christmas" by Jeff Smith. I've  tried out some really great recipes from here, and came across the recipe to make cookie ornaments for our Christmas tree!  What an awesome recipe to make ornaments, perfect for little one to help with.

The recipe is simple enough however, I didn't have the 4 cups of flour so I cut the recipe in half. Of course, I wanted to make "colored" flour...and guess what? My recipe flopped! I used red food coloring, and it was a big glop of a mess!!! Augh!! What to do, especially since little one was having his best friend over? So the next best thing? Play-doh!!! (Note to self: Next time I make it I will follow this recipe to a tee).
I had Play-doh, cookie cutters, popsicle sticks to make stars with glitter (I saw that on the packaging), glitter, ribbon, googly eyes*, glue, and permanent markers (to date the ornaments). 
So the kids were ready to start on the Christmas ornaments. 

Glitter was everywhere, and when I say everywhere it was everywhere! LOL

I let them pour glitter on the Play-doh, and then use the cookie cutters to make the ornaments. I used a straw to make a hole.

They really enjoyed themselves playing with the Play-doh, sprinkling glitter and using the cookie cutters.
As they were busy making their creations, I had the hot glue on and glued some popsicle sticks to make stars.
I hot glued them and spread Elmer's glue on it for them to sprinkle more glitter on them.

At last the finished creations for our Christmas Tree Ornaments. Little one will put these on our Christmas tree, and his friend will take hers home, too. I have left them out to air dry, and once dry I will tie a ribbon through the holes.

These are the stars they decorated with glitter, and the round "thing" you see on the bottom left corner per my son is an alien from outer space! :)   Next week we will be working on making some more ornaments for our tree. Do you like to decorate your tree with home-made items? This will be our first year, decorating with our son's creations.

Please share, comment or like! Would love to hear what you have planned for decorating your Christmas tree.

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*I got the idea to use googly eyes on Play-doh from a picture that a mom blogger posted on her Facebook page, unfortunately I don't remember who it was if you know who it is, please let me know so I can give credit to her for the fabulous idea!