Bilingual Playdate: Fun with Boca Beth

During the Hispanic Heritage Month I participated in the first annual Hispanic Heritage Month Blog Hop Fiesta giveaway. Guess what? I won a  Boca Beth Beginner Backpack! Can I say woohoo!!! 

I love, love the musical CD, the music is familiar to my son's ears, and we sang-along the bilingual words to it!  The songs are so catchy, and fun that I've often heard my son singing the songs without the CD!  The Boca puppet makes it even more fun, and interactive!  My prize also included a backpack, a maraca, a learning activity book, and a DVD.  

My son loves this so much that I invited some of his friends all close to his age for a bilingual play date, and it was a bilingual fiesta! The play date lasted around an hour. We picked 3 of my son's favorite songs. For each song, we had a learn and play session. 
To welcome his friend we started off with the song:  "Hola Amigo/Hello Friend" using Boca Beth puppet, and passing it along to the kids.  Followed by "There are Ten Toys/Diez Juguetes Son" using numbered flash cards. 

After some singing we had a "coloring session" with crayons and pages from the Boca Beth coloring and activity book. To wind them down, I turned the TV on and then we had some DVD time. They really loved the DVD, it's interactive, and they loved looking at the animals. 
Coloring time. :)
DVD time. 

Before ending our play date session we sang the "The Animal Song/La CanciĆ³n de Animales" song.  I gave the kids flash cards with animals to pass along as they sang the song. 

Using animal flash cards.
Of course, we had a wonderful mommy join us, and sing-along, too. 
I am constantly reminded by my sister to speak to my son in Spanish, and I often struggle with it;  but I've also had my little bits of joy when he has said to me, "Mommy, I know Spanish!"  I still have to consciously make an effort to talk to him in Spanish in hopes of him learning to pick up the language, and at least understand what I am telling him.  I know that the best way for him to learn is by speaking to him in Spanish. In other words constantly being exposed to the language.  

I will continue with our bilingual adventure and have fun along the way with the Boca Beth program. 

Update:  It's March 19, 2013, and I must say that my child loves Boca Beth's CD! We listen to it every day, he has learned his colors, days of the week, greetings among other new words. This program has enhanced his vocabulary and he's putting sentences together based on what he hears in the CD. We're moving forward with learning Spanish. 

What methods or programs have you used to teach your child another language? Would love to hear from you! Please like, share and/or comment.