Celebrating International Book Giving Day

international book giving day poster by priya kuriyan

Did you know that February 14th Valentine's Day is also International Book Giving Day?  It's a day dedicated to giving a book to a child either used, new or borrowed.   This is a 100% volunteer initiative organized by bloggers across the world in the hopes of getting more books in the hands of children.  I was blown away to read that this holiday was the brainchild of a 6 yr. old boy! The son of a mom blogger at Delightful Children's Book,  who is also responsible of making her son's wish come true.  Can you say, wow! 

As an avid reader, and book lover I have been reading to my 4 yr. old even before he was born; and after he was born it became second nature to us. He loves for me to read to him, and he “reads” too (he’s memorized the whole story, and retells it). I know in my heart that I have already planted the seed for the love of books, and he will enjoy reading books as he gets older.  This very thought of loving books is why I'm sharing with you such an important holiday:  International Book Giving Day. Add this to your calendar, this is definitely a holiday worth celebrating and sharing with others!  

This is a great way to spread the love of reading books to children! This Valentine's Day instead of gifting sweets, gift a book!   Head on over here to share how you will celebrate International Book Giving Day! I've already signed up, and we're going to give a book to both a friend and a relative.