Friends for Life: Fostering Childhood Friendship

This post was inspired by a picture I took of my son with his best friend during a play date at the zoo.  I posted it on Facebook, and had some positive comments; but the one that really resonated with me  was  my husband's comments:  "Looks like friends for life!"

I know they will be friends for life, as a matter of fact they are best friends!  I smiled, and felt truly and immensely happy! You're wondering what's the big deal about that? Continue to read, and I will tell you why. :)

When I met my husband, married him and decided to start a new home & family in a place that I knew nothing of, and knew no one at all was a huge leap of faith; and needless to say a struggle. It's hard to be an outcast, and stand out because you're not from "here"; even smiling at someone from your same culture (because you can relate to them); and not getting a smile back was even harder.

Then everything changed when I had my child. I was determined not to be an outcast anymore, and I certainly wasn't going to allow my multiracial child to feel that way either. I was in desperate need of friends, and I wanted my child to have friends, too. I searched on-line for a local mommy play date group, and lo and behold I found one! This group has been a blessing in disguise! I've made some really good friends here, and our children are friends, best friends, and even buddies! We've been to plenty of birthdays, outings, parties, and lots of play dates, and it has been a joy to see my child make friendships.

Rainbow of friends! 
My son has had the opportunity to interact with children of all ages, and races; therefore helping him develop emotionally and socially. His friendships also fosters diversity, and acceptance of each child's individuality. I especially love to see how they play, bond, and learn from each other. 

There are so many benefits of children having friends, needless to say adults need friends, too! You as a parent, can help foster childhood friendship (adapted from here) by: 

  1. Leading by example. Your children will emulate your social skills when interacting with others. 
  2. Provide opportunities for your child to spend time with other children: play dates, library story time, etc.! 
  3. Sign your child up for a sports, or learn a new game: soccer is a great team sport, or ballet dancing. 
  4. Teach your child how to act or behave in different social situations. 
  5. Set ground rules: manners, boundaries, etc. 
As I mentioned earlier in my post, I am truly happy for my child. Not only for my child and his friends, but because I too, have friends! I no longer feel like an outcast, but part of a wonderful circle of friends! I also know in my heart that my son too will have life long friends.

***This blog post is dedicated to the my mommy friends, and their children :) Thank you for your friendship, and for our children's friendship as well!***

What ways do you foster childhood friendships? I would really love to hear your comments. Please pin, like or share.