Monster Truck Jam Sensory Bin

On the morning of January 6th little one received gifts from "Los Reyes Magos" (Three Kings), and he loved all of them! However, he was most excited about the two Hot Wheel Monster Trucks that he received.  He could not believe that the Three Kings brought him this, since we had been talking about going to Monster Jam event next month! 

We had been watching YouTube videos of past Monster Jam events, and of course little one wanted to "recreate" what he had seen in the videos. So, what better way to recreate it by making a Monster Truck Jam Sensory Bin especially for him! I immediately transformed his dinosaur and butterfly sensory bin, into a Monster Truck Jam one. 

All we needed for the transformation was some sand, big rocks, his monster trucks, and his collection of cars. :) (The bin already has small pebbles).  After we finished his sensory bin truly looked like a real monster jam arena! Cars upside down, stacked up, and monster trucks riding all over them! 


Sensory bins are great for hours on end of fun, and play. This is also a great outlet for little one to let his imagination soar! He spent a good two hours playing all by himself, except when he'd call me to show me the car under the sand, or that he wanted a picture! Check out the picture below, what a cutie! :)  

You can check out his other sensory bins here and here.   Do you have sensory bins for your children? Please share, like or comment. ¡Gracias!

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