Earth Day Craft: Make Your Own Cool Art Paper

A fun, and easy craft to celebrate Earth Day with your children is to make your own cool art paper! Yes, you can make art paper by recycling! It's super easy to make!

 You will need newspaper, thin screen mesh, a pan with 1" of water, a blender with 3 cups of warm water, a reused brown paper bag (for this craft I used brown packaging paper), and a rolling pin (not pictured). 

  1. Cut the brown paper into small pieces and put into the blender. 
  2. Turn on the blender on to medium speed until the paper looks like in picture #2 (slushy). 
  3. Pour a cup of the wet brown paper mixture onto the mesh, and place in the pan. With your fingers spread out the mixture on the mesh. 
  4. Very carefully place the mesh on the newspaper. Fold one side of the newspaper over the mesh and gently use a rolling pin to squeeze out all of the water. Have a towel handy! Once you've rolled over the newspaper turn it over, and gently pull the mesh out. The wet mixture will be on the newspaper. Let it dry overnight. 

  1. This is how your wet mixture is going to look like. It will be stuck to the newspaper so gently remove the newspaper. 
  2. This is how the back of the paper is going to look. 
  3. Once you pull it out it will look like corrugated paper. 
  4. Decorate your cool art paper! My child made some designs on the smooth part of the paper. We used markers, but you can also use paint! 

Little one and I are looking to make some cool art paper. We may make some more to make cute birthday cards, or thank you cards made from our own recycled paper! How cool is that! 

Do you make crafts out of recycled materials at home?  Would love it hear about it! Please comment, like, share or pin!