Earth Day Craft: Make Your Own Note Pad

My Mom is a seamstress. What did she not sew!  From our dresses, to curtains, to wash cloths, and home-made note pads! She is and has always been such a creative, and talented woman.  I remember, that she would  just fold papers, and sew them for us to use as note pads.  Of course, for Earth Day I wanted to do something similar. 
For this craft, I used empty box of cereal.  Cut the tops off, and cut it open on the side. I folded it in half, and used like 5 sheets of papers to sew. 

Very carefully (so you won't break the needle) sew on the papers to the cereal box. 

Voila! You have made an awesome recycled note pad! 

This is great to give to the kids to play, draw or do whatever their little hearts desire! I made two, the first one pictured at the top was little one's bilingual "Earth Book", and the second one....well, we'll figure out what do with it. :)

Did you see my post on how to make your own cool art paper for Earth Day? Check it out here.  Let me know what you've been up to.  Please share, like, comment or pin! Would love to hear from you.

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