Kid Friendly Piña Colada from Puerto Rico

If there's something that I love and crave often is Puerto Rico's official beverage: piña colada (without the rum!) 

Of course, the piña colada is a cocktail that has rum in it, but I make it without! It's just as delicious. It's like having a slushy explosion in your mouth from the sweetness of the pineapple and coconut! Oh so sweet, and delicious. It's also so refreshing during the summer or any other time. 

For me it was a flashback of sipping some piña colada during "Las Fiestas Patronales" while listening to music; and enjoying the festivities with friends and family. My husband and son will most likely not have my same memories, but I hope that when they drink the piña colada it will remind them of the tropical paradise that Puerto Rico is. :)

There are a few recipes out there, but I mine is super simple! The best thing is that it's kid friendly! 

15 oz of cream of coconut
15 oz of crushed pineapples
cup of ice
Put in the blender and mixed until ice is crushed. It's the perfect recipe for kids! 

If you don't have cream of coconut, and have coconut milk then then you can try the following recipe: 

Receta de piña colada

Ingredientes (Ingredients)
64 oz de jugo de piña (64 oz. pineapple juice)
1 lata de leche condensada 14 oz (1 can of condensed milk)
12 a 16 oz de leche de coco (coconut milk)
1 cucharada de extracto de vainilla (1 tsp. vanilla extract)

Mezcle en licuadora y sirva en copa de cristal. (Mix in blender and serve in a glass cup)

What fun, and delicious beverage from your culture do you share with your family?  Please comment, like, share or pin!

¡Hasta la próxima!