Letter To Our Son: Celebrating Your 4th Birthday (2012)

**Next month little man turns 5! So I've been doing a count down to his 5th birthday by writing a letter to him on each birthday he has celebrated. This is his 4th birthday letter. You can read the other letters here: first, second, and third.** 
Dear son:

This year we celebrated your birthday twice,  yes again! One of the reasons why you had two celebrations this year is in part because you won a costume contest.  In the Fall of 2011 Monkey Joe's was running a costume contest with the most likes on Facebook... I literally harassed :) my friends, and our family members to like the picture. It paid off because you won! So on July of 2012, we celebrated at Monkey Joe's.

However, we also celebrated with your friends at your summer camp with cupcakes and favors. You had such a good time, and you were truly excited to have turned 4 yrs. old!

Then we had a big party at Monkey Joe's with your play date friends, and familia. Abuela came from Puerto Rico, and your second cousin Ronnie came from Connecticut.  Of course, your grandma & grandpa were there to celebrate with you, too. 


Our precious, and sweet little boy. We've seen you grow into such a big boy this year. Turning four was a big deal! That meant you were going to prekindergarten, and you were starting to learn a new sport, karate! In karate you are the youngest, and the only 4 yr. old to have accomplished the yellow belt ranking. This was the 2nd season (year) playing soccer, and for the first time ever swimming lessons. This is also the year in which you have excelled in Spanish! You graduated from Spring Spanish lessons, and from Prekindergarten.

You have reached many accomplishments this year, and we are so extremely proud of you! Next month you will be 5 yrs. old, and starting a new chapter in your life. We can't wait to cheer you on, walk beside you or even hold your hand during this new year, and many more to come.  

We thank the Lord for the infinite wisdom bestowed upon you,  your teachers, and to us as your parents. We will continue to pray to God that we lead you in the right path.  ¡Gracias mi Dios, sin Ti nada, contigo Todo! My lips praise your name! Amen!

Happy 4th birthday lindo de Mami, príncipe, little munchkin!

"Tell me, and I'll forget.
Show me, and I may remember.
Involve me, and I'll understand."
(Chinese Proverb)