Spanish Language Summer Program Day 5: Story Time with Tito Puente Mambo King

Tito Puente Mambo King - Rey del Mambo book review and activities 

Spanish Language Summer Program: Day #5
For our Spanish Language Summer Program I always consult with my helper {wink} the theme for our Spanish lesson. I give him suggestions, and he decides what he'd like for us to do. This time he chose the book Tito Puente Mambo King for story time at summer camp. I was especially excited about this book because I love sharing with little man biographies of notable Latin figures.

I love that this biography on Tito Puente's life is appropriate for younger children (pre-school and kindergarten); though I'm sure older children will enjoy it as well. The wording on the book is easy enough to learn new Spanish words!  I also love that the book is a dual language book. Each page is in both Spanish and English. 

The author portrays Tito's passion for music starting at a very young age. My 5 yr. old loves this book, and especially loves the catchy "♫♫¡tum, tica, tac, tic, tum tic, tom, tom!♫♫" It makes him want to play his drums, maracas or tambourines! 

My son and I enjoyed this session. As I read to the children, he would either play the maracas, the "claves" or the tambourine.  The children enjoyed story time, and we let them play with the instruments.  I also gave them a coloring page of Tito Puente that I found here. I was pretty excited that NickJr. had coloring pack on Hispanic Role Models! We had the opportunity to share with his friends at summer camp the story of a famous Latin figure. 
I am constantly looking for cultural books of Latin role models to add to our home library (for my son), and this is an excellent acquisition!  

Do you have any good suggestions on multicultural books? Please comment below!