Immersion Travel: Finding Books in Your Target Language

If there was one thing on my "to do list" in Puerto Rico that I had "to do" no matter what  was to buy books in Spanish.  Sure, you can buy books on-line; but truth be told there is nothing like walking into a book store to buy books! Little man, and I had a great time looking through all of the selection of Spanish books. Every time he saw one that he liked he'd say, "¡Mamá este!" ("Mommy this one!").  I had to have him pick which ones he really wanted.  We were in book heaven, and I really wanted to buy them all! 

I literally squealed when I saw these Spanish workbooks! 
I was thrilled when I came across the Spanish workbooks, and they come in three subjects per grade: "Lectura y Ortografía" (Reading and writing), "Gramática" (Grammar), and "Matemáticas" (Mathematics). I purchased the workbooks from Pre-K through 4th grade. Little one just started kindergarten, and I could start him off with the Pre-K, and continue with kindergarten.  

My greatest find was the activity and coloring book "Habláme de Puerto Rico" (Tell me about Puerto Rico). It's a summary of the history of Puerto Rico.  It starts with the story of the Arawaks, and how the Taínos came to be all the way to Puerto Rico in the present day.  I will use this book as a springboard for little one's Puerto Rico history lessons. 

Among our treasures you will find workbooks, the season sticker books, short stories, a book about tools, and animals, and our favorite the story of the enchanted coquí. I love the variety of the books that I purchased, and I'm confident that these will help my son in his Spanish language learning.  

Now the question was how was I going to bring these back home? I could very well pack them in our luggage, but the airline has a weight restriction (books are heavy). Or I could pack them in our carry-on, but then I opted to mail them via medial mail. This is much cheaper than regular mail, or priority mail. 

If you're traveling to a country with your target language I encourage you to purchase books. You will be pleasantly surprised with your finds. :) You don't need to buy tons of books, but at least find one or two in your target language that you or your child really love.

Have you had the opportunity to travel, and purchase books in your target language? Share with me your treasures. Pin, like, comment or share!