Story Time with Kiki Kokí: Discovering Our Taíno Ancestry

This is our last and fourth installment of our series Discovering Our Taíno Ancestry.   In our recent trip to Puerto Rico we bought a great selection of books in Spanish. Our favorite is Kiki Kokí La Leyenda Encantada del Coquí (Kiki Kokí The Enchanted Legend of the Coquí).  It's fully in Spanish which is a perfect complement to our son's language learning.  This book is also available in English.  

The story tells of a Taíno boy who does not cooperate or help his tribe. He prefers to play then to help his around the tribe. Therefore, since he didn't help the tribe he wasn't allowed to participate in the festival. He is really upset, and storms out into the jungle upset. However, the moon goddess to teach him a lesson turns him into a golden tree frog. Kiki Koki redeems himself when he saves a village of frogs from rat pirates earning his right to become a boy again. This is a beautiful story of redemption, and of making things right.  To finish off our story time, we made coquí crafts out of small paper plates.  Little one painted them, and glued on the eyes.
Our coquí craft, and little one insisted on making one as an alien coquí with four eyes. :) 
During our stay in Puerto Rico this past summer every night we would hear the coquíes sing. It was music to my ears, and little man enjoyed the beautiful song that they sang.   I recorded them singing. Just click on the video below. It's dark, because it was recorded during the night time.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

To read more about the coquí click here. I hope you've enjoyed our series Discovering Our Taíno Ancestry as part of our Hispanic Heritage Month activities. Don't forget to check out my initial post here, and to participate for a chance to win some wonderful prizes in our giveaway!  How are you celebrating with your family? Please like, comment, pin or share!

¡Hasta la próxima!