Giving Thanks {Dando Gracias}

I love this time of the year! It's Fall and this is the month that we celebrate Thanksgiving.

We are having fun making a simple Thanksgiving "turkey hand-print" cards, and giving thanks for all of our blessings. 

We read a book that my sister in Puerto Rico sent to us some time ago titled: El Agradecimiento by Janet McDonnell. It's an easy to read book about gratitude with colorful illustrations.  

The book starts with the question: What is gratitude? "¿Que es el agradecimiento?" 

Gratitude is what you feel when someone sings a song to you because you can't sleep. 
Agradecimiento es lo que sientes cuando alguien te canta una canción porque no puedes dormir. 

In the book we read that you're grateful for:
  • when the sun shines after a rainy day   "cuando sale el sol luego de un día lluvioso" 
  • for having mommy read a book to you "cuando mamá te lee un cuento"
  • being healthy "por estar saludable"
  • having your grandparents visit "porque tus abuelos vinieron a visitarte"
  • when you friend shares his/her game with you "cuando tu amigo comparte su juego contigo"
  • for simple things like having a chocolate chip cookie "por tener una galleta de chocolate"
In the end the author points out that if you look closely there are many things to be grateful for. When you're grateful you feel happy, and fortunate. 

Then I asked little one, what was he grateful for. He answered in both Spanish and English. :)  Proud mommy moment!   

Can't wait to mail out little one's turkey hand-print cards!  What fun things are you doing with your little ones this Thanksgiving?

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