Our 3rd Jumping into Fall Kiddie Costume Party!

Fall is here, and it's time for our Annual Jumping Into Fall Costume Party! This year will be our 3rd year celebrating, and I have to say that it wouldn't be possible without the amazing group of mommy friends that I have! This year I reserved a shelter with picnic tables in our local playground for free!  This party took months of planning, and organizing. (With our busy schedules we needed to agree on a date that would work).  The day of the party the weather was simply beautiful.  It was filled with crafts, games, goodies, and food! 

I designated two tables for crafts. One of them was the "decorate your own pumpkin" but in reality they were navel oranges. The kids really enjoyed themselves, and I had permanent markers so they can write their names on it. 

We had the other table set-up for "coloring your own place mats" & decorating paper plates with colored rice. 
After craft time we had two games: the egg race where the kids were paired by twos, and some of the mommies played, too! The other game the kids were grouped by boys, and girls.  In this game they had to line up in a line, and the last one on the line had to fill a sponge with water pass it down to the first one in the line, and he/she would squeeze the sponge, and fill a cup. They had to pass it back and forth until the cup was full of water. This game was so much fun! 

After having so much fun with the games it was time to recharge batteries, and fill-up those very hungry tummies. Following a prayer of grace the mommies fixed the plates for the little ones.  Food was a potluck, and everyone brought something: hot dogs with chilli, chicken, yellow rice, chicken nuggets, fruits, cup cakes, cheese, crackers, chips, juice, and more!

We had plenty of food! Both kids & adults were well fed. I have to say the display of food was amazing! 
To make our party fun, and in lieu of the "trick or treating" we have each mom make treat or goody bags for each child. During the party they are passed out, and the kids have a ball!!! I love how original and different each treat/goody bag was! We had such a variety of goodies, and treats that has brought oodles, and oodles of smiles in our kids.  
As you can see in the pictures the children, and adults alike had so much fun!  We're already looking forward to next year's 4th Annual Jumping Into Fall Costume Party. If you'd like to check out last year's party click here.  

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