Spanish Syllables: Learning to Read {Guest Post on Spanish Playground}

I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to guest post on one of my favorite language learning "go to" resources on the web: Spanish Playground!  I have been working with little one on his language learning skills to read in Spanish, and we've started with the Spanish syllables. Click here to read more. 

I have also been using the printable from this post on how to Play Syllable Games to Develop Prereading Skills in Spanish {Printable Game}.  However, I used paint chip cards for little man to glue the pictures on them.  We clapped out the syllables from the pictures, and he would glue them on the paint chip card with "una sílaba", "dos sílabas", etc.   He had so much fun, and wanted me to go print out more pictures for him to practice.  

How do you teach your child to read in Spanish? Please share, comment, like or pin!