Multicultural Kid Blogs Book Club Reads Family on the Loose

Having traveled with our five year old numerous times I was excited to participate in the Multicultural Kid Blogs Book Club reading  Family on the Loose: The Art of  Traveling with Kids.   The book club kicked off with Jonathan from Dad's the way I like it's candid experience and his discussion on Chapter 1 and 2

I love reading, and I love traveling! So I am excited to share with you my discussion on Chapter 3 Packing It In. 

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Read along and join the conversation as they talk about their experiences and plan for new adventures! 

Now on to Chapter 3 Packing It In.  

One of the lines that really spoke to me was the very first one on the chapter! "We have a mantra whenever we start  packing for a new trip: less stuff, more fun." I choked because I was laughing so hard, and said to myself,  "really!" There is no way I can pack less with my family of three. 

I remembered when I traveled for the first time with our then 5 1/2 months old baby. If you saw what I packed you'd think I was moving away! I packed everything from his favorite "lovie" (blanket), to tons of extra changes of clothes, diapers, wipes, although I nursed our baby I also brought extra bottles of pumped breast milk. I had a diaper bag, a carry-on, my pocket book (purse) and the luggage! Plus the stroller, and the car seat!!!! 

Now we travel with a little less.  Minus the diaper bag, stroller, and car seat. Take a look at the picture below, and please don't laugh!!! It was taken on our last major trip to Puerto Rico this past summer. OK, you can laugh now, because I am laughing, too! I am thinking the picture is proof that we do NOT pack lightly! So now you know why I laughed so hard at the first sentence on the chapter. 

Reflecting on this chapter I realized I could have saved myself of a lot of aches and pains (carrying all the extras); and the stress of packing for a trip!

This chapter provides a tips, and suggestions on what type of luggage, or bag to pack.  I especially enjoyed the space saving & fashion suggestions (for those of us that like to be stylish).  However, I have to admit that the best part of this chapter was the section "packing for kids"; and the packing list for emergent readers with pictures! Perfect for my 5 yr. old!  For our future trips, I will wholeheartedly take in, and follow of all of the tips, and lists. Hopefully, our next trip will be relaxed, and comfortable!

Unfortunately, I can't offer any tips on packing "lightly" :)  see picture above so I would love to know: how do you pack, and do you have any tips for packing lightly?  Please comment below, and/or share your ideas in the Multicultural Kid Blogs Google + Community

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Stay tuned for the following chapter hosted by Kids Yoga Stories so be sure to check back on  January 23.

About the Book
- Family on the Loose: The Art of Traveling with Kids is by Bill Richards and E. Ashley Steel
- This engaging book offers hundreds of easy-to-use ideas for turning travel with kids into a rewarding, enriching adventure.
- Bill Richards and E. Ashley Steel have traveled through North America, Europe and Asia with their two daughters. They bring vast experience and a wonderful sense of humor to their discussion of family travel.
- Read more about Family on the Loose on the authors’ website.
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You can't miss on March 6, Author Ashley Steel answers questions about the book and traveling with her family.