Multicultural Kid Blogs' "World Soccer Cup 2014 Activity Pack" Review

Since this is an activity pack for kids I wanted to know what my 5 yr. old thought about it. At first when I showed him he thought we were going to do "work." Little did he know that he was actually going to have fun while learning! That is exactly what this activity pack is! Filled with fun learning activities for children ranging from Pre-K through 4th grade.  

I was provided with a complimentary copy of  the Multicultural Kid Blogs' World Soccer Cup Activity Pack for review; however, all opinions are my own.

Little one truly enjoyed playing the "design your own jersey" game!  I cut out the jersey template provided in the pack and cut out various more from colored construction paper. Then we followed the instructions included in the pack to play the game. (The pack includes a sheet with the jersey, and you can make more copies to design more jerseys if you'd like. I just cut them out of construction paper)

He also enjoyed saying out loud words in Portuguese, and he pointed out how similar it was to Spanish. Then he said all of the vocabulary words in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

He practiced both his sorting, and writing skills! His favorite part was the color by numbers in Portuguese! 


We spent a good time of our Sunday evening going through the packet. He would tell me what activity he wanted to do. The matching flags with the country's name was a hit! We went to the map to see where they were located, and as a reference he checked out the flag collection that we have. He was excited to see that we had  an actual flag from Mexico, and England! 

Most of the activities that we did were more from the preschool through first grade range: coloring pages, matching, vocabulary, and score sheets. However, this pack is also ideal for the older kids ranging from second through fourth grades with tournament score books, word scramble, and word search (which I might add my 5 yr. old has completed). 

This activity pack is a wonderful opportunity to learn about:
  • geography (with maps)
  • exposure to the Portuguese language
  • the flags from participating countries 
  • fun facts about each country in a hexagon mini-book (yes, a hexagon kind of reminds me of a soccer ball)
  • vocabulary building 
  • writing skills 
  • fun games such as, creating your own jersey, and guessing what team will win!
Everything you need to teach your child about FIFA's World Cup can be found in this activity pack! I highly suggest you get a copy for you and your children! 

You can get the copy here.

In the words of my 5 yr. old, "This activity pack was fun!" In Spanish, "¡Mamá, esto fue muy divertido!" {I smile, and nod....because after all, he was learning!} 

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