Soccer + Countries = A Learning Experience {World Cup for Kids}

Flickr Common Creatives/Photographer Digo_Souza

Living literally in "football" country... "soccer" tends to take the back burner. Nonetheless, we do have soccer programs for the children in our community. Little one's first soccer game was when he was 3 yrs. old, and he's played every year since. 

To get into the excitement, and fun of the FIFA's World Cup in Brazil. We've been reading up on soccer, learning about Brazil, counting down the days, and using the Multicultural Kid Blogs' World Soccer Cup Activity Pack. We've really enjoyed watching the YouTube videos La Copa de Todos and We are One. Seriously, this music video got us all pumped up with the World Cup!!!! My little one was dancing to the music!

As a member of the Multicultural Kid Blogs,I am so excited to be participating in the World Cup for Kids series. Each blogger will be writing about each participating country, and we (little one and I) will be sharing some fun information on the U.S.A. :) We will be sharing educational resources, as well as fun crafts for children to make.

During the World Soccer Cup we of course, will be rooting for U.S.A. Although, we live in this country there is much to learn about it. For every day that the U.S.A. teams play I will be posting a fun, learning activity about each country.

Be sure to periodically check the Multicultural Kid Blogs for the most current updates and post on each participating country. You'll find a wealth of educational information for your children. Also, if you're like me, and love Pinterest take a look a the MKB World Cup for Kids Pinterest board

What country are you and your children rooting for?