The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse Spanish Homeschool Lesson and Activity

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During this summer we had tons of fun, and I also sneaked in some Spanish learning as well! We read Eric Carle's The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse (El artista que pinto un caballo azul (World of Eric Carle) (Spanish Edition)) although perfect for early literacy skills (ages 1-3 yrs. old) it is also ideal for early Spanish readers. 

As a mom who's trying to raise a biliterate child I need to find books that will make my child excited about reading in Spanish. This book certainly served this purpose! Little man loves animals and this book made him excited on wanting to read, draw and color the animals. 

After reading the book we made a pastel oil canvas. I traced the animals (you can find the copy I used here) and my son drew three more animals on the canvas. 

As you can see little one traced an alligator, rabbit, and gorilla onto the canvas.    Check out this video of him coloring a pink rabbit.

Little one learned to read the following words in Spanish as well as the colors:

  • caballo 
  • cocodrilo 
  • conejo 
  • vaca
  • león 
  • elefante 
  • zorra 
  • oso 
  • burro 

As I finish writing this post I remember an instance when my son came home one day from kindergarten last year. He was sad, and I asked him what happened in school? He tells me that they were coloring animals, and he was coloring a horse blue. The teacher aid in his classroom told him that there weren't any blue horses, and made him color the horse another color. 

I told him, not to worry, and that of course, we've both seen blue horses (Eric Carle's books!).  That perhaps the teacher aid had not seen the book, and that he can color the horse blue, or whatever color his little heart desired.  

I was flustered that an adult can make a child feel bad about coloring a blue horse, and I approached his teacher letting her know why he colored a horse blue, and how he felt.  She apologized for her, and told me that she'd talk to her. 

OK, got that off my chest! :)  

On a happier, and brighter note which Eric Carle children's book is your child's favorite?