Three Kings Day and Epiphany Around the World

During this holiday season Christians across the world celebrate Christmas, and the Epiphany. The Epiphany or Twelfth Day is the celebration of the three wise men who followed the star to Bethlehem looking for baby Jesus. They followed the star to bring Jesus gifts of gold, myrrh, and frankincense 12 days after he was born. 

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To my surprise, Day of the Magi or El Día de Reyes is not solely a Latin American tradition it is also celebrated in many European countries as well. 

I've compiled a wonderful selection of multicultural children's book, and I reached out to a wonderful group of mommas from the +Multicultural Kid Blogs, and asked how they celebrated this season. 

Multicultural children's books about Christmas and The Magi (Three Kings Day and Epiphany) Around the World 
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 Three Kings Day and Epiphany Traditions Around the World 
From the mouths of our multicultural mommas across the globe: 

+Ute Limacher-Riebold from Expat Since Birth shares different versions of this popular legend La Befana who is a kindly old witch bearing gifts by climbing down the chimney in Italy on January 5th. She shares with us  the different legends surrounding this popular character in Italy. 

I love how she celebrates with her multicultural family!  She expresses the following:  "I celebrated it in Italy, now in NL a bit less... In our family we have a very "personal" way to celebrate all this: the "Heilinge Drei Könige" (Dia de Reyes) and Befana together but also Sinterklaas/Sankt Nikolaus. We came up with a funny explanation: that Sankt Nikolaus is like the brother of La Befana, or that they inspire one another... I think it would be very interesting to know how multicultural families justify the celebration of multiple festivities. It can be quite challenging and I know families where parents don't agree with part of the traditional celebrations of their partners culture(s)..." You can read her post here

In France it's a tradition to eat La Galette des Rois! Do I have a treat for you! Three wonderful bloggers share how they celebrate this tradition, and two of them share recipes! 

+Annabelle Humanes from The Piri-Piri Lexicon shares a yummy recipe of La galette des Rois: a French Three Kings Day cake.

+Maria Babin from Trilingual Mama shares an Almond cream pastry recipe.  

From Stroud Is All Over the Place shares a beautiful tradition on children singing and knocking on doors honoring Three Kings Day in Germany.   Three Kings Cake is also served that night to celebrate the occasion.

+Sasha Martin  from Global Table Adventures shares a delicious recipe:  A Cake for 3 Kings (Dreikönigskuchen).


Puerto Rico
Celebrating El Día de Reyes in Puerto Rico is huge! They have their own Museo de Reyes! A museum dedicated to the magi.  Decorating shoe boxes, and placing them by the bed with some grass in it, and water is also part of the tradition. I myself, continue to nourish this family tradition even if we're living in the U.S.A. We've also had cultural playdates, and playgroups where the kids decorate their boxes

+Olga Mecking  from the European Mama shares her traditions: "We write the initials of the three kings on the door (K(acper)+M(elchior)+B(altazar) with chalk and then the year (for example now it'd be K+M+B, 2014). I think it is also the time the Christmas Tree is dismantled. They are the names of the Three Kings I've learned at church."

Per Ute from Expat Since Birth the inscriptions above the door is a tradition that can also be seen in in Germany, Switzerland,  Italy, and in the Netherlands as well.

+Monica Olivera from Mommy Maestra has a wealth of information on celebrating El Día de Reyes! A Mini-Concert, Spanish language books on Los Reyes Magos, and if you're looking to do some activities she has a free printable here, and lesson plans and more activities here

If you're looking for more book suggestions  +Carrie P. from Crafty Moms Share offers a ton of suggestions on Multicultural Christmas books that you can't miss!

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