International Festival - A Cultural Learning Experience Featuring The Philippines

It's that time of the year again, where we have the wonderful opportunity to explore the world under one roof at Columbia's International Festival.  This year's theme country was The Philippines    The festival is a celebration of music, culture, and food from around the world; bringing different countries, and people together in one place. 

We were welcomed with a huge sign that has the word Mabuhay! This is used to welcome visitors arriving in the Philippines, and this was welcoming us to the international festival.

Flag picture via Commons Wikimedia
This year we were there when the doors opened! We visited various exhibitors, and came home with lots of goodies from around the world! We later took a stroll and visited Japan, Indonesia, Switzerland, Ecuador, Taiwan, Russia, Syria, Iraq, Australia, Myanmar, Israel, and India.

One of the performances that we sat down to enjoy was a Samoan performance.

You could easily spend the entire day at the festival!  There were so many other countries featured, and they had an area for the food.  We didn't stay all day because I had a movie date with my 6 yr. old. 

I was also thrilled to have the opportunity to buy hand-crafted items from different countries, and came home with some goodies! This is truly a cultural learning experience for both of us, and we are looking forward to next year's festival.

Last year's theme country Brazil you can read all about it here