Puerto Rico Art Murals

One of the highlights of our past trip to Puerto Rico was actually taking the time to enjoy our surroundings. Normally, when we are on vacation we're on such a time constraint, and rushing through everything.  

In one of our outings, and while looking for a playground for little one in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico we came across these beautiful murals.  

Barceloneta is located in the north region, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, north of Florida, east of Arecibo, and west of Manatí.
The murals are located on Carretera 681 in Barceloneta, right across the Teatro Ernesto Ramos Antonini. 

These murals are inspired on the island's culture, heritage,and the town's own illustrious and famous figures of Barceloneta, Puerto Rico. 

Eduardo "Volanta" Rodriguez, born in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico was a  Major League Baseball pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers. 

Blanca Maria Marchand, a native of Barceloneta she was a poet, and was known as "La Novia del Verso."

Our famous coquí. 

Mural of an image of Jesus Christ. 

I see a moon and sun setting on the horizon. 

Puerto Rican flag and dove. 

Sixto Escobar born in Barceloneta.  Is the First Puerto Rican World Championship Boxer. 

Taíno woman with the sun symbol on her arm. 

Dock on Isla de Roque in Palmas Altas, Barceloneta.

Little one and I really enjoyed walking through the sidewalk, and observing the beautiful murals. Once we were done, and I was done snapping pictures I took him to the playground to play. 

It's amazing how much you can learn about the culture and heritage of a community through their art. 

This was an amazing experience for us.