Mini Chicken Pot Pies {Cooking With My Little Chef}

There is one thing my son loves to eat, and it's chicken pot pie. It's comfort food at it's best.  As I was pinning on Pinterest I came across this recipe on how to make Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes! Wow, I had to check it out. The recipe looked simple enough to have little one make it of course, with my help.  (You can find the recipe here.) 

I gathered all the ingredients, we washed our hands, and we were ready to get started! He did all of the pouring, mixing and stirring. He thoroughly enjoyed this process, and wanted to add some more of everything, but I explained that we had to follow instructions, and make sure we had the correct measurements. 
He was so excited! He was even sporting his own little apron that his Grandma brought from Italy. :)  
After all of the ingredients were mixed together it looked so delicious to little one that he actually grabbed a spoonful of the mixture and ate it! Until he realized the veggies were frozen! {Chuckle!} I told him that we need to bake it first! So the process of spooning the mixture into the biscuits cups began. 
I placed the mini chicken pot pies in the oven, and after 15 mins. Voila! This was the end result. Yummy, delicious mini chicken pot pies! 

This is a great cooking activity to do with your children. It teaches them about measurements (math), the process of following instructions and mixing different ingredients to make a recipe (food process), the different textures from the frozen, hard, cold vegetables, and the sticky uncooked biscuit (sensory), taste from uncooked to cooked, and most importantly the art of being patient (waiting for the mini chicken pot pies to bake, and then cool off to eat).  

He finally sat down to eat his mini chicken pot pie, and he loved it! Though he did mention that chicken pot pies are supposed to be big, and not little. {I chuckled} I told him that these were special just for him.

¡Buen provecho! 

Since we had so much fun in the kitchen, I'm thinking about another recipe to try out with my little chef! Until our next kitchen adventure!  Please, comment, share and/or like! Would love to hear from you.