The Foot Book Spanish Activity {El Libro del Pie} With Free Printable!

To celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday I wanted to do something different with little one, and his friends during Spanish class. So, looking through my son's bookshelf I saw The Foot Book: Dr. Seuss's Wacky Book of Opposites. Though we've read it many times in English I've never read it to him in Spanish, much less had an activity tied to it. 

I spent a good while looking for an activity on Pinterest, but everything was "general" Dr. Seuss activities. Then I came across Growing Book by Book's post on The Foot Book! Inspired by her wonderful idea I created one in Spanish! 

I translated the words: seco/mojado, derecha/izquierda, día/noche, alto/bajo, delante/detrás, lento/rápido & pequeño/grande. I created sets of foot prints on Word, and added or created my own clip art. I made them in black & white so the kids can color them. I read the book to them in Spanish (I translated as I read), and afterwards we'd go over the concepts of los opuestos (the opposites).  

This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate Spanish with some fun learning activities!  Click on the link below for your FREE printable! My 1st ever free printable, and I'm feeling pretty proud of myself!  

As an extension to the previous activity we used the Spanish Vocabulary – Printables to Teach Opposites from Spanish Playground.  We also sang "Yo conozco un juego" (opposites) from Luis Pescetti that  I also found on Spanish Playground.

I hope you enjoy my first ever Spanish printable!

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¡Hasta la próxima! 

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