Soccer + Countries = A Learning Experience {World Cup for Kids}

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Living literally in "football" country... "soccer" tends to take the back burner. Nonetheless, we do have soccer programs for the children in our community. Little one's first soccer game was when he was 3 yrs. old, and he's played every year since. 

To get into the excitement, and fun of the FIFA's World Cup in Brazil. We've been reading up on soccer, learning about Brazil, counting down the days, and using the Multicultural Kid Blogs' World Soccer Cup Activity Pack. We've really enjoyed watching the YouTube videos La Copa de Todos and We are One. Seriously, this music video got us all pumped up with the World Cup!!!! My little one was dancing to the music!

A Failed Spanish Immersion Program. Who's to Blame?

Both little one and I were excitedly looking forward to his new advanced Spanish immersion program. He was thrilled to find out that he was going to be in the advanced session! His new group consisted of three adults, one child (9 yrs. old) and my 5 yr. old. 

His new instructor expressed concern that this session was too advanced for my child, and I asked her to speak to him so she can assess for herself. So she did, and she was quite impressed. He even read to her in Spanish. 

Using Spanish Audio Books to Teach My Child to Read in the Target Language {The Traveling Bear Series}

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In the past I have stressed about the limited diversity in children's book especially in my neck of the woods. Finding multicultural or Spanish language books is nearly impossible. I've had to place "special order request" at our town's bookstore, I've ordered on-line, and family members often gift little one with Spanish and/or bilingual books. I've also purchased books when I visit Puerto Rico.

So, when I found a variety of children's book in Spanish (at a discount store) I couldn't help but feel that I had hit the jackpot, and to find books with audio CD's in them was priceless!!! 

Multicultural Kid Blogs' "World Soccer Cup 2014 Activity Pack" Review

Since this is an activity pack for kids I wanted to know what my 5 yr. old thought about it. At first when I showed him he thought we were going to do "work." Little did he know that he was actually going to have fun while learning! That is exactly what this activity pack is! Filled with fun learning activities for children ranging from Pre-K through 4th grade.  

Creative Kids Culture #16

Hi, and welcome to the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop!

This month's first feature is perfect because we're celebrating Asian American Heritage Month!

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and from Multilingual Parenting 
7 things you should not say to a bilingual child

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My Bilingual and Bicultural Story: A Second Generation Latina

As a young girl, I was always fascinated with multiculturalism, diversity, and learning another language. I proudly boasted that I was half Puerto Rican, and half Ecuadorian. My first crush at age 12 was with a Black boy, and when I graduated from middle school I was looking forward to high school so I can learn French! At home we spoke Spanish, and in school we spoke English so I wanted to learn a third language. Did I mention that I also wanted to travel the world!? 

However, Mamá had other plans for us. We relocated to Puerto Rico! We moved when I was 13, my little sister 11, and our baby brother was 5 yrs. old. I was crushed! My plans for learning a third language went down the drain, and we were in a 100% Spanish speaking country, at home and at school. We didn't have the financial resources to pay someone to teach me French, or the transportation to go the language learning center in the big city capital of San Juan.
My siblings and I (8 yrs. old) little sis (6 yrs. old)
& little brother (1 yr. old) when we first visited Puerto Rico. 

Are you Native American, Mexican or Indian?

You'd be surprised how often I get asked this question!

Discovering Egypt {Global Culture Education}

My son has so much fun learning and discovering new countries around the world.   Especially Egypt! 
In our latest package from Little Passports we received some treats from Egypt. I also checked out some books at the library.  Little one's favorite is the installment of countries in colors: Egypt in Colors.

I also read to him Welcome to Egypt (Welcome to the World) by Patrick Ryan.  This book although geared towards children ages 7 and up was useful to show him pictures of how people in Egypt live. 

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

I am so blessed to be participating this year again for the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive!  This is our 3rd year helping stamp out hunger!  We are part of this nationwide food drive! 

Discovering Mexico {Global Culture Education}

This past May 5th was Cinco de Mayo!  Although we didn't celebrate with a cultural playdate like we did last year;  we did focus on learning some more about the holiday and Mexico. 
Little one recently received a package from Sam & Sofia (Little Passports) from their visit from Mexico. So we were excited to explore the package together. I also had a wooden pen souvenir from Mexico, and two cute Mexican boy finger puppets. 

From Little Passport we received the activity sheet, letter, a wooden toy game, stickers, and the boarding pass. 

Discovering Japan with Kids

While in the United States we celebrated Cinco de Mayo on May 5th. In Japan they celebrated Kodomo no Hi Japan's Children's Day! This post from Open Wide World couldn't have come in a better time since we had just finished learning about Japan.

We received a wonderful package from Sam & Sofia, picture, activity sheet, stickers, boarding pass, and the best part of the package the origami kit! Guess who was fascinated by the Japanese art of origami?  {Big smile!} 

I had little one make a simple lapbook with printables from DLTK. He colored the flag, and the country (insisting on coloring it blue) and he placed the stickers inside of the folder. We read Sam & Sofia's letter, and loved the picture of a home in Japan. 

DIY Backyard Play Area {Backyard Barbecue Bloghop}

Welcome to the Second annual Backyard Barbecue Bloghop!

I'm excited to join a wonderful group of bloggers in the 2nd Annual Backyard Barbecue Bloghop! Last year I shared with you a post on grilling season. This year I'm excited to be sharing a do-it-yourself backyard play area. 

With warmer weather, and longer days, all my 5 yr. old wants to do is play outside. Although, he has a swing set with slide in our backyard I wanted him to have a sensory play area.

We have an area in our yard that was not being used. We also had an old sand box, a small kiddie pool and I had a vision:  a do-it-yourself backyard play area!! 

This project took me three hours to finish. Most of the materials I had at home, others I purchased. You'll need bricks, sand, pebbles, wood, mulch, weed control fabric, and plastic white picket fences.