Kid Friendly Macaroni Tuna Salad {Cooking With My Little Chef}

My 4 yr. old was inspired to make this recipe: macaroni tuna salad.  He had this for lunch at pre-school one day, and he told me exactly what he needed to make it. :) 

Every afternoon, when I pick him up from pre-school I ask him the usual questions, and we talk all the way home. 

I asked what was his favorite part of the day.  His little face lit up, and he told me, "Mommy I made pizza!" Very confident in himself he tells me how to make it. He also told me the ingredients needed were dough, pizza sauce, cheese and two small pepperonis. I said, "Wow, you seem to have become an excellent cook!" (We've cooked together chicken pot pies, mini meat loaves, and cookies, and he loves it!) 

Then he immediately says, "I want to make macaroni tuna salad." I asked him, "So you know how to make it?" He says, "Yes, all I need is white macaroni, tuna, mayonnaise, and pickles (referring to sweet relish) then you mix it up!" I asked him where did he learn this, and he responds that his teacher tells him what they are having for lunch. (I'm assuming she explains what is in it.) 

Luckily I had some frozen cooked pasta that I thawed for 30 seconds in the freezer. I put all of the ingredients on the counter, and let him pour and mix! He was so happy, and told me he that he wanted his macaroni tuna salad for dinner. :) 


2 cups cooked pasta 
1/2 cup light mayonnaise 
1/4 cup sweet relish 
1 can tuna in water (drained)

Mix and that's it! So easy that my 4 yr. did this all by himself! 

Do your children have any fun recipe? I would love to hear about it.  Please comment, like, pin or share.