Thank You Letter from an OCC Shoe Box Recipient

This is going to be a very short, and sweet post.  

As a family we've been packing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child for 2 years now: 2011 & 2012.  When we pack shoe boxes we pray that our gifts will touch the lives of a child through God's love, and we love to know what country our shoe boxes will go to.  Our first year we made our donation on-line so we can track the shoe boxes through "Follow the box", however last year we were unable to do so; and wrote a check instead.  So we really didn't know where the boxes will go and who will receive them. 

This past weekend we received a very unexpected surprise in the mail! It was a letter  from a 9 yr. old boy from Malawi a country in Africa! In his letter he was thanking us for the gifts he received from us! My son and I were beyond excited! Especially since the envelope was addressed to our son. :)  I've heard stories from people who have received letters from the children who received their shoe boxes, but I never really expected to receive one! 

After I read the letter to our 4 yr. old he understood the reality of how other children live. He was empathetic, and noticed that the boy in the picture didn't have shoes on, and that his pants were torn. He immediately said, "Momma, we will have to pack another shoe box, and send him pants, and shoes."  This warmed my heart, as it shows how compassionate my child is.  

This year we're looking forward to packing more shoe boxes. We're so grateful that God is using us to touch and change the lives of these children.  For more information on how you too can pack a shoe box go to:  Samaritan's Purse.