"Hey y’all!" Shrimp n' Grits Bloghop

"Hey y’all!" 

Yes, that's how folks greet a group of two or more people in the South! I must say that having lived up North this was a shocker! :) Funny enough my child was born, and is being bred in the South.... so when he says, "ya'll" it doesn't shock me as much anymore! {Big smile!} 

I'm happy to say that I've also acquired a taste for the food as well! Since I moved to SC, I have learned to love collard greens, and fried green tomatoes

Now talking about all things Southern... I am super excited to welcome you to the Shrimp N' Grits: A Southern Style Blog Hop! It will run from June 17 - 30, bloggers are invited to link up their family-friendly posts about life in the South: recipes, crafts, kids' activities, and more! So grab a big bowl of shrimp n' grits, a tall glass of iced tea, and sit back on your porch swing, because we are getting ready for some down home fun!
Shrimp N Grits: A Southern Style Blog Hop

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