Spanish Language Immersion Spring Graduation

Spanish Language Immersion Graduation 

Finally my little man has "graduated" from his Spring Spanish language immersion lessons.  His graduation was not your traditional "graduation."  It was more of a presentation for the parents from the children to assess the progress during their Spanish language immersion lessons.  The instructor and the children had an indoor picnic in which the children spoke in Spanish.  Afterwards, they were given a certificate of completion that my son very proudly held on to. 
Posing with his Spanish teacher. :) 

I have to say it's been quite a ride for both of us, especially my son!   The difference 12 weeks has done to his Spanish language learning is incredible!  Learning Spanish with other children his same age, and level; and an upbeat and energetic Spanish teacher was the perfect combination!

Right now he's at the stage of conjugating sentences, expressing his feelings, and needs in Spanish. However, they are mostly  in Spanglish; but that's all right because that's how my baby will learn. 
  • Code switching:  "¿Mommy, can I have jugo de naranja por favor?"
  • Spanish:  "Mama, yo veo flores." 
  • Code switching:  "Mommy my rodilla hurts." 
  • Making up a cognate: (This one is funny!) "Mommy, I need my 'sockos'!" (referring to socks instead of calling them calcetines, although in Puerto Rico we call them medias).   
These are only a few of the sentences that he's expressed.  Every time he says something in Spanish I cheer him on, and give him a hug!  It looks like there will be plenty of more cheering, and hugs! 

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¡Hasta luego!