Temporal Concepts, Months, & Days of the Week in Spanish

Please note:  The week and the months of the year in Spanish begin with lower case letters. However, the monthly calendar pages that I laminated came from an actual magazine in Spanish (go figure!); and while typing and printing the days of the weeks, I too mistakenly typed them with a capital letter. Please remember that the days of the week, and months are ALL in lower case letters. 

My child has learned the months of the year by listening to Greg and Steve's song "Los meses del año." You can listen to the song here. (It's actually the only Spanish song in the list). 

Greg & Steve | We All Live Together, Volume 2

To reinforce the months of the year in Spanish I laminated posters from a Spanish magazine that my Mom sent us from Puerto Rico. They are colorful, bright and very pretty!  As he sings we go through the posters, and point out to the names of the months. 

To learn the days of the week in Spanish I purchased from the dollar store a weekly planner that I converted into a bilingual weekly planner. I printed the days of the week in Spanish and taped them underneath the English days of the week.  

To help my son learn the temporal concepts of  "ayer, yesterday; hoy, today; and mañana, tomorrow"  I used Angry Bird pictures that I laminated and made into a card. (My son is a huge Angry Bird fans remember when he gave me the idea to make them? You can check it out here.)   I used velcro so we can change the cards every day. 

Every morning we look at the weekly planner, and I ask him in Spanish what day is it? He tells me, and then I have him place the cards on the corresponding days.  

How do you teach your child the temporal concepts? I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and comments! Please like, share or pin! ¡Hasta la próxima!