Tru-Colour Bandages - Bandages for Every Kid or Adult!

As a parent of a biracial child I find it hard to find items, and products that he can identify with or relate to. So I was happy when I heard about True-Colour bandages. Once I received the package with the bandages I set-out to message my friends about it. Also, letting them know that the bandages were inspired by an adoptive dad who couldn't find bandages in diverse colors for his children because he only found beige, and "cartoon" bandages. Hence, creating different skin tones of bandages with the slogan "diversity in healing."
Disclosure: I received a Tru-Colour bandages for the purpose of reviewing it. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. All opinions stated below are my own or of those who tried out the bandages.
Interested in wanting to know my mommy friend's input and feedback I sent them samples of True-Colours, and asked for their's and their kid's reaction. 

I asked them the following questions:
Did you like the quality of the bandages? Did your children like the diversity in color? Would you buy the bandages for your children? If so, why? Quality, price, diversity in color? Do you feel it's important to to have bandages that match your's or your children's skin color? Would you recommend this product to someone else? Please share any other thoughts or comments you or your children may have had. 
Tasha, Mother of 3

Here is her children's reaction:
Jasper(10 yrs. old) had difficulty opening the package. He didn't really notice a difference. When I asked him if it matters what color the bandage is, and if  the bandage stood out or not. His response was that he didn't care. He liked having a bandage, because people ask what happened.   Olivia (almost 3 yrs. old ) Likes the bandage, but she likes stickers. She said she likes Dora better. Sophia (baby 7 weeks old) doesn't care. But the tone really blended in with her skin.
My opinion:  Unless I have a need to cover something on my face, I don't really care what type of bandage I use. Now on my face, I think having the various colors will be nice, because the 'issue' will be less noticeable. But if the cost of these are significantly higher that the other bandages brands, I probably would not buy them.  Thanks for the opportunity to test them out.

Chondra, Mother of 3
I love the quality of the bandages and the different colors they match each person in my household very well. I definitely enjoy being able to match my son who has a darker skin complexion. I would buy the bandages for the good quality and especially the diversity of the color. In some aspects it's important to have bandages to match you skin complexion because you don't have to worry about people asking you what happened to you. I would recommend this to my family and friends. Thanks I love them! 

Yadira, Mother of 2
My kids were wowed with the colors of the bandages. They said,  "This is Daddy's color, and this is peach (lighter tone) is Mami's color.  This is my because we are mixed. Which I thought was funny. But so far we haven't had to use the bandages. Thanks God.
Beth, Mother of 1
We tried the bandages last night and we really liked the color options - we were able to find a color that perfectly matched my daughter’s arm and she was excited about that! My one suggested improvement would be the “stickiness” factor. They didn't hold too well and came off a little too easily. I’m sure if I was using them for more than a few hours and my daughter was playing, they would have fallen off. As far as purchasing them,  I would not buy them just because I’m not sure they’d be effective on staying put on my child with how active she is.  However, I do think it’s important to have a bandage the same skin color as my child – I loved that about the bandages! I don’t think I can recommend the product at this time because of the adhesiveness factor.
Alleyah, Mother of 2
My family and I loved the diversity in colors.  Great quality! However, I couldn't match my color. If they are the right price I would buy them. I didn't care much about finding bandages that match our skin color, but the kids loved it. I never really thought about having a bandage to match my skin. I would recommend this product to someone else. 
 A special thanks to my mommy friends for their honest reviews! To learn more about Tru-Colour bandages click here.