Spanish Children's Penguin Books and a Craftivity All About the Penguins

My child loves animals, any type of animal for that matter. Whenever I have an opportunity to incorporate a lesson in Spanish on something that he loves, I literally jump on it! What better way to teach your child new vocabulary words on a subject that your child loves, and in a language that he's learning? Open Wide the World creates wonderful units for dual language learners, and I'll also be sharing with you Spanish children's book about penguins.
Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy for the purpose of reviewing it. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. All opinions are my own.  This post also contains an affiliate link (through Amazon). If you click on it, and make a purchase I will receive a small monetary compensation. 

Before we say good-bye to Winter (and anything associated with that season including penguins, you know cold/penguins) I'll be sharing with you my thoughts on the customizable penguin craftivity that I had the opportunity to review with my child, and his Spanish playgroup. 

Note to self:  The craftivity requires a 12”x 18” black construction paper for the outer penguin folder. Unfortunately, I had not "fully" read the instructions, and went on to start the lesson with three eager kids with standard size black construction paper. I must read all of the instructions before I laid out all the fun things to do with the kiddos! The kids were so excited that I didn't want to postpone our penguin lesson so we made them with the construction paper that we had.   

This wonderful Spanish Los Pingüinos Penguins Craftivity Booklet includes a flip book, covering the basic penguin habitat, glossary words, penguin chart with 17 species, a cut-and-paste of the life cycle of the penguin, labeling of the parts of a penguin, and a recording sheet, open-ended writing sheet, and more awesome fun stuff! You can see the details of the packet here

I enjoy the flexibility of using this unit when teaching children of different ages.  With kids ranging from ages 4-6 yrs. old their learning skills vary. However, with this unit  they can actually all participate in the same activity.  Such as making the penguin folder, or cutting-out the life cycle of the penguin.  They can all cut, glue, and color them at the same time.   I can also set-aside a time for my budding Spanish reader (my 6 yr. old)  to do the Spanish word search, or prompt to write in Spanish using the open-ended writing sheet.

This was a very fun unit to do with the kids, and I highly recommend it! (Just make sure to read all of the instructions hahaha!)

I posted this picture on Instagram, and it sparked a conversation on tips on reading, writing, and speaking Spanish with your kids.  If you have a minute take a look. Lots of good tips are shared on the comment thread. 

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Thank you Open Wide the World for allowing me to review your penguin unit.