Seeking Out Opportunities when Raising Global Citizens

We live in a small southern town in the U.S.A. with not many cultural opportunities.  Unlike bigger cities such as, Chicago, Los Angeles or NYC that have major festivals, and are a melting pot of cultures. However, as a parent raising a global citizen it's as simple as seeking out opportunities! Opportunities to have your child exposed to the music, food, arts, and books of other cultures.  

I'm super excited to be participating in Creative World of Varya's A-Z of Raising Global Citizens. My letter is "O" for opportunity!


Host a Hispanic Heritage Month Fiesta for Kids!   Play Latin music, and feast on Latin cuisine! 

Host a Chinese New Years Kids Culture Party or a cultural playdate!  The first time I did this I invited a Chinese student from a local university to visit our home. 

Join a cultural family swap! Meet families from other countries and exchange parcels of items from your country and send to each other. This give the children an opportunity to see and read first hand of a family living in another country. 

Listen to music in another language! A Little Mandarin is an excellent choice to train your child's ear to Mandarin. 

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